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Celebrity Good Manners: 12 Great Celeb Tippers!

October 10, 2009

Here are some interesting stories about our favorite celebrities.  Good stories today, folks.  We have plenty of time to get to the jerks!

(BTW, celebrities in groups count as one.)

Reba McIntire:  This fine woman is an absolute pleasure. I waited on her during a stint in Nashville years ago. It took me a while to realize who she was, actually was clued in by fellow staff members. I have never met a more gracious and polite customer. Tipped me far more than I deserved. I will never forget her kindness.—Edward W., Knoxville, TN

Warren Sapp , Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Great guy and his wife is a doll. Loves his fine cognac, although we did not carry his $125/shot preference. Good tipper, and treats the server as a person. —Myles, Brandon, FL

Andre Agassi and Stephie Graf came into my restaurant for lunch. They were very polite, signing a few autographs, and Andre left a $100 bill on a $60 check.

—Anonymous, Washington D.C.

I work at CityWalk at Universal Studios. One busy night a woman with two small children had just been seated and I was totally in the weeds. I was preparing to walk up to the table when I heard a voice saying “Excuse me, we don’t have much time. Can you get our waiter?” I knew it was the woman from my section, so before I looked at her I started saying “I’m your waiter and I was on my way over!” in kind of a rude tone. While I’m saying this I look up into the eyes of Patricia Arquette. She said she was sorry and turned and walked back to the table. I was completely embarrassed and made her my priority and everything was great. I speeded her order through and she left me 25%. Very polite and used “please” and “thank you” at every visit I made to the table. Come back anytime, Patricia!

—Scott, Los Angeles

Oh no!  Scott, you broke the rules.  Here I am defending you and the entire hospitality industry in my book, You Suck When You’re Rude, and you verbally bitch slapped Patricia Arquette.  Auntie Seriously warns not to do that!  Tsk, tsk…

Morgan Freeman is one of the most respectful and complimentary diners I have had in my restaurant, a true gentleman. A good tipper as well. —Dave

I work in one of the better restaurants in a city famed for its food and service. I have waited on numerous celebrities, but the winners of the “most gracious and generous” award have got to be Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. While filming “Dead Man Walking,” they ate at my restaurant quite often, and the staff uniformly rejoiced at their humor, tipping, lack of pretension, and just plain “niceness.”—Ken, New Orleans

Reba McEntire: Very friendly and very natural, doesn’t play “the star”. She used to come into therestaurant in sweatpants and tee-shirts, no make-up, and her hair up in a pony tail. A very sweet lady and a decent tipper. —Jeff H

Reba, again!?  Wow, that says alot!

You can add Terry “Hulk” Hogan to your “Saints” list. I tend bar at a Clearwater hot spot, and Terry and his family were in a few weeks ago. Not only did he leave $200 on a $120 bill (they were at a 4 top, not the bar), he signed autographs for at least a dozen kids and talked to people for a good half hour. VERY classy guy. —Beachguy, Clearwater, FL

Mike Tyson – Hands out $100 bills like they’re Kleenex.

Paris Hilton – Is said to always take care of wait staff and tip handsomely. She’s also generous with hairdressers, manicurists, valets and drivers.

Charlie Sheen – At his oldest daughter’s 16th birthday party tipped staff $200 each.

Richard Dreyfuss – Tipped 20% and helped server clean up mess left behind by his kids. He must be changing his ways after he was listed on some bad tipper lists.

Presidential Bonus: Barrack Obama – A recent TMZ item noted Obama tipped $18.00 on a $2.00 mug of beer.




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