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Celebrity FAIL: Tom Cruise 67 years old?

October 11, 2009

I was surfing around the internet early this morning and ran across this post about Tom Cruise.

Since I grew up with Tom Cruise being a household name, I noticed that the post claimed that Tom was 67 years old and still does his own stunts.  LOL.

What a fail.

Of course he’s NOT 67.  He’s 107.

Just kidding, Tom…

Actually, he’s 47 and doesn’t look a day past 35…if you ask me.

Here’s the actual misquoting post below.

Tom Cruise: Working & Waving

Tom Cruise: Working & Waving

Even though Tom is 67 years old he still insists on doing his own stunt work.

But then he’s protected by his magical Scientology force field.

Now we know where Suri gets her jumping skills from!  We just got these awesome pictures of Tom Cruise performing a stunt on the set of Wichita. After performing this dare-devil scene, he grabbed a smooch from wife Katie Holmes who was waiting near by.

That must be nerve racking to see him do that, but it sure makes a great picture.  Source


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