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Nia Long & Chris Rock: Why They Only Had ONE Date…

October 11, 2009

Like I’ve said, letting it all hang out for your ‘man‘ is cute, but it’s not real.

They may want to hit that on the first date, but as Chris Rock shows, men don’t wanna hoe.

They don’t want to hear, think or imagine you being a hoe, if he’s a gentleman and if he’s looking for more than one good night in the hay.

They may act like it, but pleeeeze…We know better.  They don’t want to share their candy (especially, if your name is Candy) with the world.

If you are generously giving out sex to many men, the guy is clearly thinking, “If she’s handing her booty to me on a platter, how many others are enjoying the poo-poo?”  He just isn’t telling you he’s thinking that.

Maybe, that’s why your phone stopped ringing a decent hours and only rings after midnight.

Ladies, keep that in mind.

Check out some of the ways of being a “Lady” here!


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