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Star Manners: The One Question People Ask About Every Celebrity

October 12, 2009
Johnny Depp: Reportedly One Of The Nice Celebrities

Johnny Depp: Reportedly One Of The Nice Celebrities

My sister has a knack of running into more celebrities than I do. Part of the reason for that is she works in a heavily celebrity saturated part of New York.

She’s met recently:
John Tuturro
Ann Reinking
Dustin Hoffman
Montel Williams
Tracy Morgan

Keke Palmer

Christopher Meloni (L&O SVU)

Tiffany Amber Thiessen

Robert Newman (Josh on GL)
Bonnie Dennison (Daisy on GL)
Caitlin VanZandt (Ashlee on GL)

I know that’s not a ton of celebrities, but she’s seen more about than she has actually met. Nevertheless, she would text me like any excited fan saying, “Guess who I just met…”

I knew what that meant. I’d text back an inquisitive, “Whooooo?”

She would tell me who she met and I would chomp at the bit to know one thing. Just one thing.

It wasn’t what they were wearing or frivolous fodder.

It is the one question I ask when we chat about her celebrity run-ins.

“Were they nice?”, I asked.

Celebrities Are People, Too?

It’s not just because I write this blog that I ask this question. I am sure many people ask that questions about any celebrity.

But it’s not just about the celebrity being nice. Are they friendly, kind, fun… Are they polite, courteous and down-to-earth?

It’s about them NOT being arrogant. Not believing their own press and changing the alignment of the planets to suit their needs.

Did they forget that before they became celebrities who could whip up a press-conference at the drop of a hat they had crooked teeth, thin hair and horrible skin?

They drove junky cars, they had thoughts of never making it…they were hungry.  Not food hungry, they were driven…

These pre=celebrities were our neighbors, classmates and co-workers.  Before they became celebrities, they were real people.

And now, they have power, persona and package.  They have money, status and fame.  Some celebrities don’t want to be who the were, they want to be who they are

But who are they?

That’s where this topic comes in.  Are these people just people or are they imitations of what they used to be?

Did they lose or trade their sense of civility along the way?

Did they forget their humble beginnings?

Why do we care?

We care because we know the world of excess is  desired.  Who doesn’t lust for the best and most optimal of everything…ever, forever?

We all do.  They may be carnal lusts, indeed, but what ever we gain, we want the best.  The best clothes, food, experiences and more.  Whatever it is, even if it’s a pair of shoes from the thrift shore, we want the BEST pair of shoes from the thrift shop.

Celebrities have access to the finer things in life.  All of those creature comforts that some may save money to enjoy, celebrities have them at their fingertips.

It’s our money they are spending.  Yeah, celebrities have a talent or certain appeal that keeps us reeled in.  We support them by buying things that they sell, downloading their music, going to their movies, attending and watching their shows, buying the latest gossip rag at the grocery…

It’s our money the celebrities are spending, and dammit, they better be humble about it.

Honestly, how can we support a celebrity who has no manners?  How can we support a celebrity that is self indulgent, self centered and selfish?

How can we support a celebrity who doesn’t even acknowledge their fans?

Celebrity Influence

Like it or not, our celebrities influence us.  We have access to them 24 hrs a day via the internet.  We read and re-read about their adventures, projects, relationships, highs and lows.

We like to dress like them, wear our hair like them, have make-up like them.  Moms pick certain names for their children because of their favorite celebrities or soap stars. Celebrities are high profile and thats the way they like it.  They are big news until they are not big news.  Name a celebrity who wants to be old news…Nada!

Celebrities put themselves into the media for us to embrace and embrace, we do.  That’s how it works.

“I just love celebrity ‘X’, he’s hot!”

“I admire celebrity “B”, she’s a great actress!”

Yet, no one wants to see a celebrity behave in such a way that would suggest you are not one of them, because one day you could be one of them…one day you could be better than them.  You just never know.  So, how would you behave with that success?  Would you become arrogant or remain down-to earth?

Don’t Let Them Forget…

It’s us and them.  The celebrity and the regular Joe (or Joette).

Don’t let the celebrities forget that they are people, too, and no matter how high they climb the ladder, it’s the fans that got them there.  The fans are the foundation of any celebrity.

Don’t let them forget the we watch their behavior when we run into them in public.  We notice if they are modest or egotistical.  We wait and vote with out wallets.

Even though certain celebrities are jerks, they may still have a following.  Bottom line is, they may pretend not to care that people call them jerks.  But word gets around, maybe to the next one that’ll consider them for a job and if they prove to be a jerk or too difficult, they could lose a good job.

“I heard he’s difficult, that one…”

Simply being rude or a jerk is bad for business, even the entertainment business.

Put Your Rude Down, Too!

Behave, fans!

Don’t borrage celebrities or be annoying.  If you approach your favorite celebrity, be gracious and kind the same as you would expect from them.

A simple “Are you…blah-blah-blah” in a calm tone of voice is a good start.

Yelling, “Hey Celebrity-X, Your last movie sucked!”, just shows that you suck!

I would not expect a fan to bother a celebrity that is spending time with his/her family.  That’s where I’d draw the line.  Even celebrities should to pay attention to no one else but their family during these times.  Extenuating circumstances aside, I mean, you must exhibit respect, too, not just call the celebrity rude because you didn’t get what you wanted out of them.

I mean, I tend to meet celebrities at conventions and functions, where they are already on their best behavior. I would say that most of the ones that I have met were particularly friendly and I was graciously a non-slobbering fan.  Although there were a few, a small few, that had a razor’s edge that needed a little sanding. They were not polite, but I don’t kiss and tell.

Yet, here are what others have said about who the MOST RUDE CELEBRITIES ARE when it comes to schmoozing with fans (according to this list).:


1. Will Ferrell
2. Tobey Maguire
3. Joaquin Phoenix
4. William Shatner
5. Rene Zellweger
6. John Malkovich
7. Julie Andrews
8. Bruce Willis
9. Teri Hatcher
10. Scarlett Johansson

(In the celebrities’ defense, this list is a bit dated)

Nice Celeb: Jay Leno

Nice Celeb: Jay Leno


1. Johnny Depp
2. Matt Damon
3. George Clooney
4. Jack Nicholson
5. Rosario Dawson
6. John Travolta
7. Katherine Heigl
8. Jay Leno
9. Dakota Fanning
10. Russell Crowe (Who jumped from the worst list.)   twitter

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