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Retro Film Shorts: How Much Affection? Or ‘How Not To Become A Trollop’

October 13, 2009

Traditional family values aren’t so “traditional” anymore.  This is a time of transition and with any time of transition, things are a bit uncomfortable.  Moms are working, dads are not in the home at all, kids raise themselves or live with grandparents, divorces, step-fathers & mothers, drugs, sex, tv, internet…AHHHHH…Families are a mess.

Teens are a mess, too, believing they are grown-ups in little bodies.

So, when we look back at these vintage videos of teen morality and how they can’t hold a candle to the debauchery the teens are delving into today, one must wonder, were things better back then?

Nevertheless, it’s still important to teach the teens these morality based lessons.  Some teens would follow the example, others wouldn’t, but they could never say they weren’t told.

I would be nice to remake some of these for this generation.

Until I get to that, because it’s on my to-do list…Enjoy this set of shorts from 1958 that are still relevant today!


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