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15 Cool 80’s Movie Characters You Could Be For Halloween

October 14, 2009

Most costumes are cheap.

Michael J. Fox

Teen Wolf

That’s not a jean jacket he’s wearing, but a jean jacket will do.

Fur around the cuffs, maybe even feet.

False nails.

You can figure out the furry face.  Have fun!

Marty McFly: Here a good one!

Molly Ringwald

You choose!

We chose Claire from the ‘Breakfast Club’: Bomber jacket, gloves, knee high boots- Simple.  I already have these pieces.  A temp red hair die or wig and an “Omigoh!” Happy Halloween!

Eddie Murphy – Axel Foley

Beverly Hills Cop

A grey t-shirt and jeans will do.  You may want a banana your tailpipe.  Also, a dark hoodie and white sneaks, as seen on the video cover box and poster.

Dustin Hoffman- Dorothy


Kurt Russell- Jack Burton

Big Trouble In Little China

Tank Top w/ some picture (or draw on it with a Sharpie)

Jeans, boots and mullet hair. You should have actual muscles!

Weapon optional.

Tom Hanks -Big

Josh Baskin

White Sneakers, Jeans, retro button-down  and jacket.  Short curly wig and keep telling people you’re “Josh Baskin”.

Sigourney Weaver- Ripley


Cargo Pants (grey), White high tops, dirty white t-shirt and suspenders.  Weapon, ammo and kid optional.

Same wig as Tom Hanks’ Big wig.

9 to 5

Great for any female friends in groups of three.

Ferris Bueller

With a swanky retro feel, any slick guy could pull off this look.  Don’t forget the comb-over.

Jennifer Beals- Alex


Tattered grey sweaty, leggings and red pumps.  Toss on some leg warmers for full 80s effect!

Curly hair pinned up on the sides.

Ladies & Gentleman:The Fabulous Stains

Corrine Burns

You might need the movies trailer to get the costume down!

Awesome movie, BTW!

The Legend of Billie Jean

Looks like shes wearing some cut off wet suit with high-waisted cargo pants and combat boots. Standard 80’s stuff.  Check out the clip for more details.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Pee-Wee or anyone in the cast, practically!

Grey suit, white shirt, red tie and white (Ferris Beuller) shoes. Don’t forget the crew cut and a hint of red on the lips.


Olivia Newton-John- Kira

You’re gonna need knee-high roller skates… but you can fudge around that by using leg warmers.

See the clip below for more deatails.

Happy Halloween,


BONUS: Couldn’t leave out Molly in 16 Candles.


Of all the looks Samantha had in this  movie, this is the prettiest.  Rock it!

Pink dress with tulle, hair twisted back and up.  She looks like a pixie princess.

And…Pretty in Pink…


I think doing the retro look with the hat in this movie is cool!  Unless you have time to make the prom dress at the end.


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  1. October 14, 2009 9:58 pm

    What, no frog brothers?

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