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Coasties Vs. Valley Girls: Only Distance Is The Difference

October 16, 2009

So, I was a coastie, of sorts…I guess…

But this term wasn’t around when I was growing up.  It took one day for me to pick up valspeak…And I lived 3000 miles away!

So, what’s the difference between Valley Girls & Coasties?  Not much!  Both have attractions to the same types of luxuries, although they are climate specific.

You’ll probably find more Uggs worn to keep your feet warm because it’s cold in the Mid-West and Mid-East. On the West Coast, they are worm for more a fashion statement.

You’ll probably find more girls getting actual suntans in the West Coast than you would find Coasties doing it because there is sun all year around, versus visiting a tanning bed in the East Coast or Mid-West.  Again, climate specific differences aside, the similarities are the focus.  The “spoiled” attitude seems to be the most prominant.

Valspeak is a common name for an American sociolect, originally of Los Angeles, Californians, in particular Valley girlsValley Girl (or Val, Val Gal) is a term originally referring to affluent upper-middle class girls living in the bedroom community neighborhoods of San Fernando Valley[1].

A Valley Girl can be described as materialistic, self-centered, hedonistic, physically attractive (subjective) and sometimes sexually promiscuous. Valspeak is also a form of this trait, based on an exaggerated version of California English.

During the 1980s and the 1990s, the term metamorphosed into a caricature and stereotype of such women: a “ditzy” or “airhead” personality, and unapologetically “spoiled” behavior that showed more interest in shopping, personal appearance and social status than in intellectual development or personal accomplishment.[2] Definitions via Wikipedia

The modern version of a Valley Girl would seem to fit Paris Hilton!

It’s a newer term to call mid-east girls ‘coasties’, but it seems they do the same things the valley girls did in the 80’s…

So, Oh-Mi-Goh!!!


Coastie Fashion: V-Neck Sweatop, Leggins, Ugg Boots, Gap Scarfs, Bug-Eyed Sunglasses (Even IN Winter)

Coastie Fashion: V-Neck Sweatop, Leggings, Ugg Boots, Gap Scarfs, Bug-Eyed Sunglasses (Even IN Winter)

The term coastie or coasty (more often heard and seen as the plural coasties) is used in Midwestern U.S. universities such as the University of Wisconsin–Madison to denote students who come from outside of Wisconsin, mainly from the [actual] East or West coast… there are often implicit or explicit associations that use of the term can evoke. One is that coasties do not pay their own tuition because they come from socioeconomically privileged families. Other associations are fashion-related and are therefore more ephemeral. As of 2009, coastie fashion consists of Ugg boots, The North Face jackets, plain black leggings, v-neck t-shirts, and over-sized sunglasses….  Definitions via Wikipedia

Seriously’s definition extension:

The consistency between the Coastie (and Valley Girl) seems to be a that she is a quintessential consumer, who lives worry-free regarding bills, debt and budget and is financially carried by family. Her primary concerns are her social status and social life.

Although the “Coastie” song refers to Jewish American females as Coasties, here in this blog and within the definitions on Wikipedia, we know that any female could be a coastie. The term Coastie is not race or religion specific.- Seriously McMillan


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