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Gosselin Wars: Goodbye Jon & Kate, No More Show With The 8

October 16, 2009
The both of them...what the hell!

The both of them...what the hell!

It’s doubtful anyone is surprised that TLC is cutting “Jon & Kate Plus 8” from its programming.

After 10 years of marriage, the couple announced their separation and divorce filing on a special one-hour episode of their reality show in June.

A show insider told CNN on Thursday there’s enough “Jon & Kate” footage to last until mid- to late November, but the program will be off the air after then.

TLC would like to be able to replace “Jon & Kate” with the renamed series “Kate Plus 8,” but the network will have to get past Jon Gosselin first.  Via

I am sure this is not the end of the bitter battle between these two.  The children are suffering here.  It may not seem that way now, they may be too young to understand, but in the future they will know what their parents did and they will have to work through it.

I am glad the show is off the air, maybe they can stop playing talk show ping pong, but somehow I think someone will grab them up for another show…Maybe not the kids…maybe not Jon…

But Kate has played the media like a fiddle and comes out like the innocent princess ‘victim’ who just may have a memoir to sell…

Kate, you’ve got dibs on that one, honey!


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