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Whitney Houston: The Diva Takes Her Diva Luggage To England

October 16, 2009

Someone is going to get a good tip.  Right Whitney?

After getting a gander at Whitney Houston’s trail of luggage at London’s Heathrow Airport, you have to wonder, who ever is taking that to her room is gonna get a good tip.

Wait…how does Madame Houston fair on tipping?

Let’s look do some digging…

And, in the “I’m not surprised” category, Whitney Houston is a bad tipper…. (via)

Oh, well…I hope that maybe she will show some mercy on the ones that will be taking ALL THIS STUFF to her room.

Give them something, girl.  Something more than a pence or a pound…You forgot the exchange rates?  I didn’t….

For every pound it’s $1.50 in US currency.

…But Whitney Houston clearly feels she is going to need a few different dress options during her stay, during which she will sing on the X Factor on Saturday night.

Miss Houston, 46, flew from Atlanta, Georgia, to Heathrow yesterday morning.

And while she was whisked away in a limousine to her top London hotel, her aides watched over the safe arrival of a mountain of suitcases containing the remainder of her belongings.

Read more: Via

Whitney Houstons belongings: All 9 stuffed suitcases of it!

Whitney Houston's belongings: All 9 stuffed suitcases of it!


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