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Body Image: Is Ugly Betty’s, America Fererra, Fat Or Fit?

October 18, 2009

People are wandering the oceans all the time in bikini suits of some sort and the famous are just the ones that we see the most.

We’ve seen so many celebs from Tyra Banks to Jennifer Love Hewitt showing off their bodies while frolicking around in the waves.

And, one question come to our collective minds…

Is she fat or fit?

Most, I would think, would initially react with an ‘ewww’ when you a see a celeb with a little flab here or there, but does that mean they are fat?

Or, does the lack of flab actually mean they are fit?


Ugly Betty star is on holiday in the Bahamas!

Ugly Betty star is on holiday in the Bahamas!

As one of the curvier actresses on primetime TV, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera represents a positive role model for young women.

While many of her Hollywood contemporaries are starving and wearing size zero clothes, the 25-year-old has always championed a healthier attitude to body image.

Rarely seen out of her Betty Suarez costumes or in a full-length gown on the red carpet, the actress gave fans a rare change to see her shapely figure as she relaxes in the Bahamas.
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In our humble opinion, we say FIT!

There is nothing to suggest that America Ferrera is unhealthy and she’s having a good time showing off her shape!  Go America!

That speaks volumes in a society still grappling with images of waif models and young women becoming self indulgent and destructive over their self-conscious beliefs about how the world will see them.

Six Pack Or No?

If she were in training to build muscle then I would say she had some work to do, but normal is good!

Be who you want to be in your body.

If you want to have more musclular shape and tone to your body…Then do it.

If you want the six pack abs and tight pecks, go for it.

Want to be thinner?  Use practical ways to help you lose the weight when you are committed to doing so.  Pressure from outside sources is the wrong focus.  Don’t lose weight to impress other people.

Do it for you.




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