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Planet Kanye: His Controversial ” We Were Once A Fairytale” Video Removed?

October 20, 2009

Kanye West seems to be living on his own planet.  Population: 1

People are in the dark about meaning behind his strange behaviors as of late.

The VMA outburst, excessive drinking, concert cancellations and not the upload and removal of his controversial video.

Yes, the controversial video that he takes down, but like a rash, it comes out somewhere else or many ‘somewhere elses’.

So, here it is…

Parents, I would never let kids watch this, but they probably have already.  The combinations of the two videos will allow for the viewing of the entire video.

The 14-minute video – titled We Were Once A Fairytale – features West acting the part of a drunken club-goer, harassing women and stumbling around.

It culminates in a brief sex scene before West is seen stabbing himself and releasing a demon from his stomach.

West’s blog says: “Sorry I had to take it down.” It is not known why the video was removed.

However, copies of the short film, which feature’s West’s track See You In My Nightmares, have appeared elsewhere on the internet.


I don’t get it or want to get it.  Not a fan of the director or the singer, but that’s me…


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