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Never Fear!: 5 Halloween Etiquette Tips

October 27, 2009

It’s that time of year again when people dress up as silly or scary as they wanna be.

It’s of course, Halloween time.  We all delight in our memories of being a child with a pillowcase stuffed full of goodies we’d collect from our neighbors.  What’s even more fun is passing by that most scary of houses to get to the treats.

In honor of the fun of Halloween, here are some tips to share and to keep in mind as you prepare to enjoy the  festivities.

  1. Be Costume Appropriate: Whatever type of Halloween or costume party you are going to attend, be sure your costume is appropriate.  This means, don’t be the one wearing the stripper boob pasties and thong to a party where the theme is for you to dress up as your retro cartoon characters.  Don’t wear inappropriate costumes where children are attending, as well.  If there are going to be kids at the party, leave the slut, hooker, hoes, pimps or any overtly sexual or scary (per the age group) costumes at home.
  2. Scary Behavior: Halloween Is No Reason To Act Like A Jackass–  If you are attending an all-adult party, there’s still no reason to behave in an annoying and obnoxious manner.  Groping butts and boobs of anyone, even the scantily clad, is a no-no.  Being drunk and falling all over people is just trashy.  Starting fights over anything are good enough grounds to just haul your hiney out of the party.  Even if you are dressed like a Halloween goof, have some class about your self.
  3. Scary Behavior:  Being TOO Scary-  Yes, dressing up as scary Halloween characters can be done in good fun, but some people can take method acting as their favorite horor film character a little too seriously.  Don’t have a costume and behavior that is so scary that people are actually frightened.  I mean, seriously scared for their lives.  That’s not funny and it would give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “scared to death.”
  4. Fresh Candy: Lets say you forego all the festivities for a nice Oct. 31 evening passing out candy to all the young princesses and firemen that stop by your house for a treat.  Don’t give them the candy that has hardened into petrified sugar.  Give fresh candy or give nothing.  It’s bad enough that kids are going to endure more time in the dentist chair getting their cavities filled from the candy, they don’t need cracked teeth on your old, hard junk, too.
  5. Trick Or Chase: Put the dogs and pets away when the little ones come by your house to get their candy loot.  Also, don’t have someone dressed up that’s going to chace children down the street or down any stairs.  If you are having a haunted set-up in your back yard.  Make it a safe one.  Can you say, “My kid was chased by your (pet or family member) and fell, hurting themselves on your property.  So, I’m suing you”,  five times fast?

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite scary movies.

Happy Halloween!


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