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It’s Our 1000th Post: A “She So Ghetto” Retrospect

October 30, 2009

I have seen and heard a lot since I started this blog in Feb 2008.  I get bad comments and good.  I post mostly about current events and how they relate to the philosophy of civility.  Manners, etiquette and courtesy are my standard musings.

I recently asked myself why these issues are so important to me.  Why do I care about the way people behave, dress and speak?  Who am I to tell the world as a collective, “Hey, pull up those droopy jeans!  Your boxers are showing!” or “Get a pair of jeans that fit so I don’t have to see your thong!”

I care, in part, because I believe that civility, in all of it’s forms, matters.

On a global scale, we don’t see President Obama meeting foreign dignitaries with droopy jeans, T-shirt and a backwards cap.  We don’t see him doing the pimp walk and saying “Whassup???”  We don’t see that because the people know our President and his status and position.  He needs to make an impression, first, as a man of structure (hence, the suit) and then, as a man of formality and education (hence the handshakes and polite speaking).

On a local level, when we meet people, most do not need to make a bad impression and there are factors that people you meet see and they form their first impression.  These are the way you dress, speak and behave.

If we dress speak and behave in a “civilized” manner, more often than not, we receive a “civilized” response.

I care about all of that and there are many of us out there that do.  This means that the world is not deconstructing.  We are not trading in “Hello” for “Wassup!”  We are not trading our feminine modesty in clothing for standard issue hooker boots, thongs and see-thru mini skirts.  We are not treating ourselves and others to disrespect! We are not feeding into stereotypes about women, men, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Asians! We are not!

“Ghetto” is NOT black or being black. “Ghetto” is how an individual looks at the world and acts accordingly to the “ghetto” belief. “Ghetto” is how one presents themselves in how they dress, act, and speak that acquires itself from the poor conditioning of a “ghetto” (ref. ghetto-.noun) up-bringing. via

Yes, we can come together and make it happen.

1. Eliminate the “low class” behavior, specifically in women: You can feel beautiful, look beautiful and behave in a beautiful manner.

2. Be the change you want to see:  Change your attitude for the better.  Be courteous, show respect for yourself and others.  When people see you carry yourself with class, they’d get the real idea, and that is you take yourself and your life seriously and they should, too.

Author Seriously McMillan takes a witty look at the world of famous celebrities to everyday people sharing tales of breaking or upholding the laws of good vs. poor manners, fashion etiquette, feminine virtues, civility, modesty, class and culture.

She’s the “Maven of Modern Manners & Etiquette!”

Here’s to our next 1000 posts!

Thanks for making this blog a success!

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