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Rihanna: Breaks Her Silence On Chris Brown Attack

November 3, 2009


“This can happen to me,” she told Sawyer in a promo that began airing last night, “It can happen to anyone.”says pop star Rihanna.

Diana Sawyer got the lucky interview with Rihanna as she breaks her silence about the Grammy night fight with Chris Brown.

I think this chat shall be interesting.  Fans have waited for her to say spmething…anything reagrding the incident that left her battered and bruised in leaked police photos published worldwide.

Rihanna seems like a romantic girl and just the look in her eyes would say that she still loves Chris Brown, but as we know, there are very serious legal issues that Chris Brown faces if he goes anywhere near her for the next five years….On US soil, that is.

Rumors have swirled that these two had planned a foreign rendezvous, but nothing more was heard about it.

Rihanna and Chris Brown both had new musical updates happen on the same day recently.

While Rihanna released a new song, Chris Brown announced a tour.

Coincidence?  Of course…NOT!

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  1. lifeisacookie permalink
    November 5, 2009 2:28 am

    Diane Sawyer is like Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth! She gets the goods.

    I’m glad Rihanna is speaking out. I hope she does some actual speaking engagements on this issue.


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