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Criminal Manners: Suspect Flips Off Judge, Gets 6 Months

November 5, 2009

He must have really planned this out.

He gets three-squared-meals, room and board and meet new people…

Something doesn’t add up because I can’t imagine why someone would want to do this on purpose.  If this guy is so off-color that he doesn’t care about his freedom, then this truly is one dangerous guy.

The 24-year-old Crystal Lake man, charged with home invasion, extended his middle finger as he was being sworn in before Judge G. Martin Zopp on Saturday.

Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally stepped forward and asked on behalf of the state that [Kane] Kellett be held in direct criminal contempt.The judge agreed, and gave Kellett six months, according to McHenry County State’s Attorney Louis Bianchi.

Kellett, who had allegedly broken into an acquaintance’s home and tried to bash him over the head with a flashlight, did not seem to be in a good mood.

“When they brought him out of the lockup he looked very unhappy. He was looking down all the time,” Bianchi said. “The judge asked him ‘Sir, do you have an attorney?’ and he said ‘F— no.’ ”

The judge let that one go and asked Kellett to raise his right hand to be sworn, and “what he did then was flip off the judge,” Bianchi said.



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