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Mail Manners: 10 Quick Reasons To Send Cards Instead Of Sending Emails

November 5, 2009

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It’s November folks.

We’ve spent all year together talking about manners and etiquette and now it’s time to show off those skills for the Holidays.

Thanksgiving Day is November 26th, 2009.  That’s a Thursday, of course.

So start now with your menu planning and guest plans.  Start early so you are not left behind or caught in a last-minute Turkey Day frenzy.

That includes sending those Thanksgiving cards to your family and friends.  Don’t send an e-card  or email unless you must, for instance, someone has moved and you don’t know their mailing address.  Otherwise, get a stamp and send a card.

Slip your card into the mail between 10 and 15 days before the arrival deadline or the Holiday.  Earlier at Christmas time!

I happen to like sending things in the mail to people.  It’s a bit nostalgic since we can now send an email faster than light, but there is a place for such nostalgia.  And, if there are ever Holidays for sending cards, major Holidays are the ones.

This is my top 10 reasons why you should join me in sending a card via snail mail instead of sending an email or e-card.

  1. You can hug a card:  Yes, you can hug a card.  If you cannot hold the person you are sending a card to, you can at least send something from your heart and hand, specially delivered by post just for them.  It’s a real experience.
  2. Personal Connection: The receiver will see your handwriting and know that the special signature inside the card is from someone who cares for them.  There is something about giving something hand written that makes it special and worth scrapbooking and saving as an interpersonal connection between you two.
  3. Kids Don’t Send Good Email, They Send Cards Better: Kids need to know that they can communicate with family that lives far away with more than a telephone call.  Teach them to send a card to friends and family that live long distance.   As children, our moms kept our handwriting and doodle notes as a sign of where we were in our development.  Our misspelled words and backward letters gave way to our now calligraphic signature.  So, send a card.  Sign a card.  Have your kids sign it to. Mist the card with your special body spray or add an extra letter or photograph the receiver can frame. The person receiving the card will appreciate it.  Now, try that with an email!
  4. Truly make the card a surprise: If you are just addicted to sending email, send an actual paper card, too.   Why not?  The extra though could brighten someones day.  It’s the extra thought that counts.
  5. What if they don’t have email?: Not everyone has an email address or even a computer, so here’s a great reason to send a card rather than an email.
  6. It’s Cheap: The actual cost of a stamp for a classic sized card that weighs less than 13 oz. 44 ¢.
  7. It’s A Trophy: Who want’s to print out some words you wrote and show them off to friends?  No one!  Yet,  a snazzy card  will be shown off as a trophy to friends and neighbors.  “Look at what my son/daughter/grandchild sent me…”
  8. Get Crazy & Creative: Print your own card or buy one with glitter, stars, unicorns and more glitter!  Seriously, the sky is the limit.  Give something unique.  There are thousands of cards to choose from and some are even less than a buck!
  9. Sometimes “E” Is For Inappropriate: There are just inappropriate topics for email or an e-card.  If you are sharing some truly intimate and heartfelt feelings with someone, don’t share it in an email.  Share a card and you may want to drop a personal note inside the card.
  10. You Can’t Email Money: Yeah, it’s a bit old fashioned, but I don’t know anyone who is too old to get a card with a few bucks (or gift card) stashed inside.  You can’t email money.

Happy Sending,


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