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“F-Love”:Rihanna Speaks Out About Chris Brown In Her Own Words(Video)

November 6, 2009


I feel for them both. Yet, in this society, when it comes to being a celebrity, no matter how inappropriate it is to look up to them…We know someone is doing just that.

I think Chris Brown  and Rihanna DO have a responsibility to use their platform and status for calling attention to social issues they find themselves a part of.

Most celebrity uses their status to promote something, even if it’s just themselves. George Clooney used his celebrity status to call attention to Darfur and so on, so why doesn’t Rihanna now embrace this new “fame” for this situation and donate money to shelters or do a PSA. Same for Chris Brown. How would it hurt them now?

Rihanna and her camp chose now, just shy of releasing a new album [they don’t say album anymore, do they?] to speak out. Great timing on the publicity. Can’t fault them for killing two birds with one stone.


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