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Take The Challenge: Are you taking up the challenge for Seriously McMillan’s Team Thanks & Giving 2009?

November 8, 2009


Hello My Mannerly Mates,

I’ve been busy for some time now, but it’s Holiday time.

We will be gathering with our friends and families and I thought this would be a great time to spread the word about using good manners, courtesy and etiquette along with our Holiday cheer.

So, for those of you out there that are YouTube video bloggers:  I pose a challenge.

Here’s The Deal…

-Create a 5 min (or less) video about a Holiday memory that would have been better if good manners and etiquette were included. So, set up the story and tell what act of good manners or etiquette would have been the correct way to behave during a Thanksgiving event.

At the beginning of the video, let your viewers know you took up the challenge for Seriously McMillan’s Team Thanks & Giving 2009. Let your viewers know they can visit the “She SO Ghetto” blog and your video will be displayed there as well.

The winner will be the video with the most hits on YouTube and on my blog. I will combine the totals. The winner of the challenge receives a front page spotlight on the “She SO Ghetto” blog and an autographed copy of my book, “You Suck When You’re Rude”.  –But wait, I must say that you are all winners because it’s always a good thing to promote manners, courtesy & etiquette.

Here are some ideas:
-Did you have a rude family member that ruined the day with nasty behavior?

-Tell about rude kid family members and what they could have done differently.

-Tell about a situation where someone was on some serious dramatic mess…What could they have done differently?

-I ain’t eatin’ that!: Tell of an incident where someone was rude about Thanksgiving food.

-Gettin’ Tipsy? Do’s and don’ts- Tell about a time where a family member had a LITTLE too much to drink at a Thanksgiving gathering.

-Destination Procrastination: Are you punctually illiterate? …Don’t make everyone wait to eat the Thanksgiving feast:  Tell a story about waiting a long time for guests to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

-Don’t come out like tranny’s on parade. Dress approritate: Tell a story about friends or family that dressed so bad, it was funny.

-GOT AN Idea?
Go For It!

All videos must be made and uploaded before 12:01 am on November 13, 2009.

Message me here and on YouTube (seriouslymcmillan is my name) to let me know where your video is and for me to embed it on my blog.

If you have any other questions, please email me at or here on Facebook and I will respond asap.

Can’t wait to see your video!

Seriously McMillan

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