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Is She Still “So Ghetto”?: What Author Seriously McMillan’s New Podcast Chat Is About?

November 17, 2009

You'll love The Seriously McMillan Show on BlogTalk Radio!

Now, she’s talking!

Yes, Seriously McMillan has written the books and those mannerly looks, but what the heck is she saying in the new Seriously McMillan Show?

I just love doing radio and podcasts, goodness forbid that I have to do a video and I am not wearing the right makeup…Oh no!

It’s not vanity for Author Seriously McMillan, it’s about practicing what she preaches about using good taste in all aspect of your life, including public appearance.

I am aware of my image and sometimes I just can’t get all the bells and whistles in the right places, but, I will not let that take away from the message.  You don’t need to see my face to hear what I am saying.

So, has Seriously retired from doing videos?

“No”, she says, “But podcasts about manners, etiquette and good taste are better because if I become inspired to do a podcast in the middle of the night, I can…Without worrying about hair and makeup.”

What is Seriously talking about in her new show called About A Few Things: The Seriously McMillan Show?

She talking about a few things that are timely and savvy.  Current events and private ones.  How to live your best life while learning and applying respect, manners, etiquette, courtesy and civility.

Seriously bite-sized podcasts are the perfect inspiration to wake up to, so catch her show LIVE in the mornings or finish your evening downloading and listening to a “Seriously inspired” podcast to make the next day a great.

I am working on keeping my podcasts under 15 minutes, some special topics I will chat about for half hour.  The messages in my podcasts are food for though.  They come quick, simple and easy to apply to life.

So take a look…rather a listen to Seriously McMillan’s blog talk radio show and enjoy.

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