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The Twilight Saga-New Moon: Bella’s Back, And This Time, She’s Wolfing Around!

November 19, 2009

Ever see a movie that so many people HATED, then when you saw it, you thought it really wasn’t that bad?

Alright, that’s what I felt when I saw the movie, Twilight.

The moody Edward Cullen and the “Feel my angst”, Bella Swan are back on the big screen and this time they are tossing in a werewolf for fun.

Why not… Two odd male teens with killer instincts in one movie are better than one, right?

This time, the there’s a werewolf in the mix.  The handsome and earthy, Jacob Black and he is there to iron out Bella’s life wrinkles about Edward.

I didn’t think Twilight was that bad…more like a John Hughes rip-off with some vampires and now, werewolves for added flavor.

My close freind and I don’t talk about Twilight to one another because it’s a heated topic.  She is convinced that she wasted 90 minutes of her life watching Twilight and I feel like popping it in ever so often to enjoy.  We are obviously polar opposites on the issue.

How ever, I think I will brave the morning mob and catch the flick when the theatre opens and before the millions of tweeting teens shut Twitter down with their OMG review.  They’re either say, “OMG, I hated it” or “OMG, I love it.”

No matter what, OMG, I’m going to see it for myself.


Listen to my 2012 review by cicking the Seriously McMillan Blog Talk Radio Show link!!


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