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L.L. Cool Tiger Woods: Yes, He Cheated…Twice…Thrice?

December 2, 2009

L.L. Cool …

“Ladies Love Cool Tiger Woods”…

Golf, darlings.  Golf cannot stop you from cheating.  Chummy Tiger Woods is no exceptiion.


Nothing could save Tiger’s roving eye from the booty of a hoochie.

I am not here to examine the “why” about Tiger Woods’ cheatin’ heart.  I am going to leave that up to you.  Just the facts, ma’am.

Of course, Tiger has the so-called “trophy” bride and these “cablinasian” kids and “all ‘da money “he could ever want…He makes more than the poor schmuck who makes his titanium golf clubs, but what do you believe causes one to forgo all of that moral responsibility to be a party guy with a set of “hooch-trocious” chicks…a “stiff” party guy, if any?

And now the car “accident” or how about…She got pissed about another alleged affair and made Tigers’ tail run off the road?

More to be revealed, I am sure of it.

Jaimee Grubbs : Has been named as one of Tigers' extracurriculars.

Kalika Moquin: Claims to have had an affair with Tiger Woods for over two years.

The new allegations came after Woods was charged last night over a mystery crash linked to earlier claims of an affair with a first woman, nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel.

Woods, 33, is thought to have been knocked unconscious when he hit a water hydrant and a tree early last Friday.

The father-of-two’s refusal to explain exactly what happened has fuelled speculation that he has something to hide.

A celebrity website alleges that his Swedish wife, Elin, 29, scratched his face and chased after his car with a golf club after a bust-up over Miss Uchitel.

Here’s what GloZell has to say:

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