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Who Was Rude?: The Guest Or The Flight Attendant?

December 3, 2009

The photo below was taken by a flight attendant who was working during a flight where this man, who is obviously obese, did not fit completely in his seat.

So, which is rude?  Is the flight attendant rude for taking the secret snap shot or is the passenger rude for simply not considering his size and attempting to unsuccessfully  squeeze in to this seat, regardless of those around him.

What is your answer?

Our answer is…the passenger.

I know it seems unsavory for a flight attendant to take a picture of a passenger that she (or he) very well knew would end up all over the internet.  The good part is that we do not see his face.  The sad part is that this guy is on the plane.

I have enough pride to know when I don’t fit into something, then I don’t fit.   I have been plus sized before (some say I still am), so this is not an attack on someone because of their weight.   I have enough sense to know that if I will be flying on a plane, I would want to fly in comfort and if that means paying for an extra seat because my rear is ample, then paying for an extra seat it is.

I do not and cannot wrap my mind around what this passenger is thinking.  He is large and he is blocking part of the aisle, which would seem to be a safety hazzard.  He looks completely uncomfortable and displaced.  Simply put, he should not have been on this flight.

I empathize with the flight attendant who took the pic and understand what her intentions were when snapping the pic.

American Airlines does not have such a requirement but urges passengers to “recognize ahead of time that they may need to purchase two seats”.

The image, apparently taken on a Boeing 757, was sent to writer Kieran Daly and posted on his blog at aviation news website, Flightglobal.

It is not clear if the image has been altered but Mr Daly wrote: “This is sent to me with the absolute assurance that it’s a genuine picture taken by a flight attendant at American Airlines. The F/A took it to show her manager what was happening on the aircraft (757???) and why she was unhappy about it. Seems the guy paid for only one seat and the gate staff let him board.”

In a statement, American Airlines said: “At this time American Airlines is unable to confirm whether or not the image referred to was taken by a member of flight crew but will investigate the situation internally to determine if any of the airline’s strict policies were not correctly applied.

“American Airlines’ primary concern is for the safety and comfort of its passengers and crews and consequently passengers are advised to book two seats if they are concerned that they will require them. If a flight is not full, however, passengers’ needs would be accommodated without charge wherever possible.”  —Via

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  1. December 3, 2009 6:32 pm

    The airline was wrong for selling that person only one seat. I would have been mad as hell if I was seated next to this guy.

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