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Text Etiquette: It’s Not Right, But I’m Going To Get Your Boyfriend!

December 4, 2009

For those of you  who do not know about these wonderful PSA’s about sending text, well….now you do.

James Lipton, who you have seen on Bravo’s  “Inside The Actor’s Studio” and heard speaking with his raspy-velvet voice (and accent, for those of us in the US), is the front man in this set of PSA’s, passing his beard to those right before they make a dastardly mistake of the texting kind.

The goal:  To get people to think before they text.  These messages are geared toward teens, but there are plenty of adults who need a good kick about as well.

It’s about being civil people.  Your cell phone and words can be used as a weapon.  Why wield it like a selfish brat?

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