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Supermodel Jodie Kidd: The One That Tiger Woods Didn’t Sleep With

December 14, 2009


With all the names, rumors, photos, texts, messages and videos of all of Tiger Woods’ “indiscretions”, you would hope that he didn’t take on the entire bottle blonde population.

And, he didn’t.  Yes, one got away from Tiger and maybe it wasn’t so mush of a get away.  maybe he was just preoccupied.

Nevertheless, Jodie Kidd’s name has come up into the swirls of the funnel clouds of women that Tiger may have conquered, yet she sticks to her story that she and Tiger never did more than exchange a few words to one another.

Knowing Tiger’s exotic taste in blonde models, it would have been a safe assumption that Tiger and Jodie “hit the course”, but they didn’t.

Thank goodness for her sake, right?

Former supermodel Jodie Kidd is the latest name to emerge in the Tiger Woods saga.

Last night, Miss Kidd, 31, said she was aware she had been linked with the golfer as rumours circulated that she was the British TV presenter romantically involved with him.

Miss Kidd – a former TV sports presenter – confirmed she had met Woods twice but insisted they had never been romantically involved.

She said: ‘I’m aware of the rumours going around about a British TV personality, but I can assure you it’s not me.

‘Yes, I have met Tiger on two occasions.

‘They were both golf related and he seemed very pleasant, but we probably exchanged about three words.’


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