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How Rude!: Ivana Trump Is Kicked Off Plane For Using Her Potty Mouth Toward Children

December 27, 2009

I love it!

What a way to show you’re a classy lady.  Go ahead and shoot your stupid mouth off at a bunch of children who were just a little excited about being on the plane and goodness forgive them for running into “your” space, Ivana.

Is she sick or something?  What would it have cost her to offer the kids a treat or something?  My goodness.  Who ever said that the rich and famous were never jerks?

Calm down.  Whatever you were going through, Ivana, you should have been able to control your self.  Herbal tea works wonders.

Now, parents…If you had  my book “You Suck When You’re Rude: A Guide To Traveling The Country With Courtesy“, you’d know what to do to help you and your children have a better, more passenger friendly flight.

The grandmother of one became even angrier as flight attendants tried to calm her down, allegedly rushing towards the cockpit.

When the pilot asked her to leave the New York-bound flight before take-off, the hysterical Miss Trump refused to budge.

The former Olympic skier and model, 60 …was eventually ‘physically escorted’ back to the terminal by security guards, officials said.

‘From the initial contact until Miss Trump left the property, she was saying “f*** you” to all the deputies and called the children “little f******”,’ said a police spokesman.

‘She was so belligerent towards other passengers and crew that the plane returned to the terminal.’

She had apparently started complaining as soon as she boarded the aircraft, demanding to be moved to another seat in first class.

Passenger Vincent Cone said: ‘She was swearing at the baby.

‘The reason she got so upset was the children and she started screaming, “I want to go back home”.

‘The pilots asked her to leave and she sat back down and refused to leave. Then they went and got a security guy. She kept saying, “Let go of me!”.

‘Everyone was leaning into the aisle, trying to get a good look, saying how crazy she was and how annoyed they were at how she was delaying the flight.’

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