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Who Was Rude: Mary J Blige For Punching Her Hubby Or His Roving Eye?

December 27, 2009

Women do make jokes about knocking out their man if he’s checking out another woman.

“If I catch him looking at another woman I will knock his ass out…Do you hear me?”

I guess Mary J. Blige joked so much about it that she made it a reality, at least, according to the New York Post.

It’s really funny when it’s a joke, but this is just sad.

Mary J. Blige punched husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2 Tuesday night. The singer slugged Isaacs, drawing blood, after she thought he was flirting with a waitress. “She turned to him and was screaming, ‘You’re not going to ruin my night,’ ” our witness says.

Our witness relates, “She was yelling at him, ‘What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?’ Four of her bodyguards and two of the club’s kept them apart.”

Yes, it’s MJB, but this is tacky-licious.  Why the hell would she do something like this?  Hello…In public?

What happened to having some class and taking care of your business “in-house”.

Mary J., I know that you have been through the fire and have had some tough times, but these public displays of marital discord are not becoming.

Not that I condone what he did.  Yeah, he was flirting (according to you) but there are other ways of handling matters and controlling yourself.

You said you didn’t want him ruining your night, yet it sounds like you had a hand in ruining your own evening, as well.

Who was rude?  I thinks it’s a tie.

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