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January 2, 2010

I love my friends.  They inspire me to think outside of “the box”.  They inspire me to want to do better by simply being the change they want to see.

Want to inspire someone?  Be an inspiration.

This decade is a new beginning for us all.  We can look forward as we get older and things around us change, but we will still have our core beliefs in love, faith, hope, and spirituality.  We can rebuild relationships and create a new life for ourselves.  I wish all of us the best…everyday.

Anyhow, my Julie is witty, wise and wonderful.  She is finally taking the steps to be the change she wants to see in her own life. is actually a blog and site about getting rid of your lots-of-stuff.  If you are a pack rat, like me, you attach some emotion to the things you hang onto.  The goal is to learn to still have the emotion without having so much stuff.  Trust me, it’s a process.

So, follow Julie on her personal journey to pair down two storage units and a house of stuff to just live with 100 things.  Can she do it?

Check her out here!

Julie A. ponders the life of Ghandi and his 10 worldly possessions. Can she live with just 100 things?

For 10 years, every single day, I have pondered a framed photo of Gandhi’s worldly possessions and imagined owning less than 100 things myself.

Why?That’s what I’m hoping to find out this year as I travel the absurd road between attachments and connections. In the end, my desire to do this may have nothing at all to do with the material world and everything to do with a world I have yet to discover.

My hope is that this experience will be amusing, deep, and surprising. (Though, to be honest I pretty much wish that about everything).

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