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Will Recycle For Wedding: Couple Recycles Cans To Pay For Wedding

January 10, 2010


Theres no hoochie mama dresses to show.  Theres no trashy ideas to showcase.  There are only cans, and I am not talking cans on a female.

I am talking recycling.  Yes, I am one of those tree-hugging, recycling,  green people.  I hate seeing people throw cans away as if they have no further use.  They absolutely do have a use. These cans are going to pay for someones wedding by the pound.

Pete and Andrea

But even simple weddings cost more than a few dollars. We don’t really have much extra cash sitting around, since we’re just starting out. Add that to the fact that environmental responsibility plays a big part in our lives, and we hatched the crazy plan. Pay for the wedding – with recycling. Aluminum recycling is one of the most sustainable and useful forms of recycling. We’re shooting for 400,000 aluminum cans – approximately 5 tons of empty cans. We would like to get married on July 31 – which gives us 7 months to hit the goal.

It’s a good idea and we hope the idea gives way to getting married with our best wishes.

Visit their website.

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