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Seriously’s Cheer Up: How $1 Changed A Kids Bad Day

January 11, 2010

I was feeling pretty good this day.

I was out and about, I had made it out the door early to take care of some errands and then I was on my way to work early.  Wow!

On the trolley, was a Sunday School group of kids and their chaperone, Bill.  The trolley was crowded and forced some of the thick group of kids to stand and others to sit on the trolley steps.  The trolley car was filled with children chatter, giggles and kiddie squeals.  Yet, I noticed something.

All the kids seemed to be having a great time, except for one boy He sat there on the stairs with his head down.  He didn’t move or speak in his statue-like position.

Bill kept trying to talk to the young man, who was around 8-yrs-old, but the boy said nothing.  Finally, one kid asked what was wrong with the quiet kid and Bill made a joke that made the other kids laugh, but was at the expense of the quiet kid.  “He’s not here anymore…he’s dead”, Bill said.

Well, I didn’t think it was funny. I think it made the sullen boy feel worse as an uproar of laughter came from the other kids at the thought of this young guy being dead.

Anyhow, instead of being rude and giving this guy a pice of my mind, I thought I would take a more proactive approach.

I tapped Bill on the shoulder and said, “I bet I can guess this little guys favorite superhero and I bet I can guess in three guesses.  If I don’t, I’ll give him a dollar.”

The kids’ head sprung up and a smile fixed itself on his face.  He immediately transformed from attitude kid to a vibrant young guy.

I had to make this one good.  So, I started with asking the kid if his favorite hero had big muscles.  He said yes.  Then, I asked if he had a belt with gadgets. He said no….

By now, that ruled out Batman, but not Superman…

Finally, I just came out with, “Is it Spiderman?”, which was silly because Spiderman doesn’t have big muscles.

Well, it’s obvious that I lost that one, and I am glad I did.  I felt so good giving that kid his hard-earned dollar.

And the rest of the time the kid was chatty and smiling with Bill and taking things over with him.

The point is, the kid was having a bad day but assisting him with coming out of that sad state and experiencing life in another state of mind works …even if it costs $1.

Seriously McMillan

By the way, the kid said his favorite superhero wax X-Men, to which I replied, “All of them????”

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  1. January 12, 2010 1:30 am

    wow. thats a good one. i’ll definitly be using that trick sometime soon.

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