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Lindsay Lohan: A Sex Tape Release Looms, So She Heads To A Sex Toy Party

January 14, 2010

Poor little rich girl can’t seem to get it straight.

With the threat of a sex tape looming about, Lindsay has no worries and dresses in the finest tramp chic around.

She looks as if she is tan on the chest, pale in the face and just a glorified stripper mess.

As Lindsay was out clubbing, gossip continued about the so called sex file that shows Lindsay with an unidenified male in a compromising positions.

But LiLo put on a brave face last night as she attended a party for a new luxury sex toy.

The star, who was lauded as a shining light and went to straight into the A-list as a teenage actress, joined Colombian Sofia Vergara at the rather tacky event.

Wearing a trilby, polka dot shirt, black leggings, cropped jacket and sky-high heels at the event, she accessorised with a spider necklace and a faint hint of a smile.

The man offering around the sex video is a waiter with a well-known chain restaurant, according to the Daily Mirror.

He has been told he has to release the footage to an ‘offshore porn site’, and it will then be available across the world.

Can we say tacky?  My goodness.

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