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Heidi Klum, Good Wife: She’d Never Flirt At Another Man!

January 15, 2010

I have to say that this topic is so lovely.  Of all the couples out there, famous or not, this is what I like to hear.  This is a couple who is dedicated to their children and a wife who is dedicated to her husband.

Ladies, this is not about submitting, this is about actually being in love with who you married.  More importantly, it’s a great reflection on any man or woman who has integrity, sencerity and devotion to her wedding vows.

It has to start from within and it must be mutual, for this to work.   You must respect and appreciate who you chose to marry.  Of  course, it’s not easy and you will have ups and downs, but at least your marital foundation would be built on more than how much he makes or how much botox you can keep filling your face with to look young with the fear that he’ll leave you for a younger tart.  Obviously, cheaters need not apply.

If more people had this vein of thought…Only if…

Heidi Klum thinks flirting is disrespectful.

The supermodel – who has children Leni, five, Henry, four, Johan, three, and Lou, four months – insists she is too devoted to her singer husband Seal to even look at another man.

She said: “I don’t flirt. It’s disrespectful to your husband. I would never do that. I’m very devoted, and he’s the same.”

The couple, who married in May 2005, are so dedicated to one another that they renew their wedding vows every year to reaffirm their commitment.

Heidi explained to America’s InStyle magazine: “We’re still for a minute and stare into each other’s eyes.”


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