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‘Precious’ Style: Gabourey (Gabby) Sidibe Is A Cover Girl, For Real!

January 17, 2010

I truly did not want to see ‘Precious’.  It looked too damn depressing and all I could think about was pushing Mo’nique off of a building.

Mo’nique-what my friend said-acted her way right out of acting.  She is forever typecast as a ‘ghetto hood rat mama from hell…and then some’, but she is cleaning up my thoughts of her by making me laugh on her BET late night talk show.

Since watching the movie, I have a good feeling about it.  Was it a fairy tale?  No, but what Gabourey brought the table was an honesty and strength in her performance that she was born to do.  Sometimes, i wonder what ever happened to Precious, forgetting that ‘Precious’ is a movie and a character, not a real person.  Even though, I know for certain that her life mirrors so many out there.

But it’s time for unique beauty Gabourey (Gabby) Sidibe to take center stage-well, rather take the cover of the current issue of V magazine.

“All my life I’ve been hearing that I’ll never amount to anything until I am skinny,” Gabby said. “And she disproved everything that everyone has ever told me.”

Gabby shares a double-cover with Dakota Fanning on V’s newest issue – on newsstands today!


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