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Golden Globes: From Best Dressed To WTF???

January 19, 2010

We don’t need to spend too much time chatting about here.  The Golden Globes is another fun event for us to get chatty and catty about what the celebrities wore that looked great and what they wore that I wouldn’t even dress a Barbie in.

It looks like the Golden Globes are the up and coming sibling to the Academy Awards.  I remember a world, not so long ago, where there was really only one major dressy-dressy event in Hollywood.  Now, there are so many…Emmy, Golden Globes, NAACP Image, BET Awards…I do my best to keep up.

Here goes…

Is this the Golden Globes or the Golden Boobs?

A little too slinky on the dress, in my opinion.  She has a lovely figure and there are more flattering dresses out there for women with voluptuous bodies.

Mariah Carey and her bandage-mummy dress didn’t work.

Cher...In Black

Is Cher taking a fashion cue from Tish Addams?

If so, it’s not so bad.  A little goth, but it works for a woman of her class.

I am not feeling the dark hair, but the sexy shoulder, statuesque shape and unique lace detail make Cher looks like a one of a kind star.

Halle Berry…WTF?

Yes, she had a baby and her figure is still divine, but this dress is a little too stripper pole to me.  There is letting it all hang out and then there is sheer elegance.  This dress missed something, but it has many of the same problems as Mariah Carey’s frock.  Her hair is back at her signature length and looks very nice.

Stunning Over 60

Along with Cher were a crew of ladies that would give any starlette a run for her young body.  These ladies are smokin’ hot!

Helen Mirren

The sensuous Helen Mirren is stunning in black with accents at the waist and at the bottom.

This is a wonderfully fitted dress that is not too loose or too tight.  The sweetheart neckline is revealing and shows off her neckline, but that’s it.  No extra cut outs.  No over revealing parts.

Simply feminine!

One of my favorites of the evening.

She has the figure of a woman half her age…Maybe a better figure than most.

See her at age 63 in a bikini…Click here!

Sophia Loren

What is there to say?  Just simple another elegant woman who knows how to wear a proper evening gown.

The same with Glenn Close.  I don’t think I’ve seen her look this elegant since…ever!

Totally NO!

Drew Barrymore

One accent on the shoulder was fine, but an extra fanny pack on the hip must go.  Too much of a good thing is too much!

January Jones: WTF???

Kate Hudson:  The co-star of Bride Wars needs to march right back onto the set.  The white on white dress is too bridal looking.

Tina Fey:  I know she didn’t plan on looking like a funny joke in this pretty, but inappropriate for the occasion sock hop dress.  Not  good.

Beautiful Zoe Saldana looks as if she is hiding her shape in this fabric strips craft project dress.  I do love the crimson color.

More What The Hell Were They Wearing Dresses:

Sandra Bullock: Prom and Purple 1986…Her dress was no memory maker.

Diane Kruger: Pink and Ruffles 1983…Her dress swallowed her.

Chloe Sevingy: Mauve and Ruffles 1975…Her dress made her look like a walking sting ray.

My Best Dressed Picks:

Jamie Pressly

Olivia Wilde

Kate Wislet

The Winner!!!!

Christina Aguilera

She is working this dress.  Own it, girl!

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