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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Heidi Montag’s New Plastic Face

January 20, 2010

I think most women look at ourselves and wonder what we’d look like with a different nose or facial feature.

Some women diving into plastic surgery and actually change their appearance.  Some go overboard.

I do understand that people have a right to do what they want, but when does it send a bad message to the young women and girls out here.

Oh, you can just go get a whole new face, right?  A new nose here, a set of bigger boobs there…

There is so much to do to yourself that by the time you are done there is no sign of the original you and your original face left.

It’s not right to do for frivolous fashion reasons.  I am not saying to never get plastic surgery, but when you are endangering your health by doing 10 plastic procedures in one day…You have issues to solve.

The Original Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag in 2008: After first round plastic surgeries.

The NEW??? Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

She is the new flavor of the month on this plastic surgery kick.    Why did she do all this?  Now, she looks fake. It’s not a bad looking job, but will the real Heidi please stand up?

  • Mini brow lift
  • Botox in forehead and frown area
  • Nose job revision
  • Fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips
  • Chin reduction
  • Neck liposuction
  • Ears pinned back
  • Breast augmentation revision
  • Liposuction on waist, hips, outer and inner thighs
  • Buttock augmentation

Afterward, she told [People Magazine]: ‘I love my body. I still feel a little fragile, but I’ve never felt more beautiful and sexier. I didn’t know I could have this much confidence.

‘I see an upgraded version of me. It’s a new face and a new energy. It’s a new person and I feel like almost all of the things I didn’t want to be and who I turned into kind of got chiseled away. So I’m very excited for the world to see the new me and a real me.

But the move has already seen her branded a bad role model by none other than her own co-stars.

Lo Bosworth, who also appears in The Hills, said: ‘I hope that girls don’t read the article, look at the decisions that Heidi made, and think that’s normal.’

Chimed Audrina Partridge: ‘Ten procedures in one day is a little much.’

Meanwhile, actress Emily Rossum said she was ‘upset [to see] a young women in the spotlight advocating plastic surgery.’

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