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Trashy Website Of The Day: Just Don’t Wife Her

January 22, 2010

There are two sides to this post.

I will begin with my complaint about all of the women on this site.

The Scold: How could you?  How could you throw yourself out there like this and end up on this dispicable site…and you wonder why these guys don’t respect you.

The Hold: I feel so sorry for these young women.  They need help and it’s sad to see anyone treat themselves this way.  Especially, our next round of potential female doctors, scholars, teachers and other inportant professions.

Having said that, I feel less for the men that are on this site “complaining” that they got all the sex they wanted, oral and otherwise, from these women and claiming they are gold diggers.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that this gold digger female may exist, but it’s the man that is exploiting her and then complaining about it.  What a scrub.  Men, you suck if you are even participating in any shape or form with this site.  Yuc!

This website is just awful, but it’s out there.  I  am telling you about it as a warning.  It’s a warning that there are guys out there who are looking to use you, young lady, just to get you used…so to speak.

These are the scabs that are complaining on this site.

Respect only comes with patience.  Respect yourself.  Make him wait.  Be good to yourself.   Don’t end up on this forsaken website.

Sadly, Rihanna, Amber Rose and Mary J. Blige are right on the front cover making headlines about if they are wife material.

Do you want to end up in a listing like this?

  • Hits: 489
  • Rating: No Votes
  • Description: * dis **** is dirty i mean real dirty. she has herpez and is infested with it. she is a part time stripper. who still lives wit her mother.she sucks and **** for free and she even **** women.she depends on everybody money she thinks she is fly wit her crater face dats why she covers it up wit 50lbs of makeup. her voice is annoying beware cause the herpez is comin ur way make sure you r strapped.


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