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Style Etiquette: What Parents Should Not To Wear To A Child’s School Function

January 25, 2010

I am sorry to have to write this post, but I live and work near a school and what I see going in and out to pick up children is nothing short of a miracle…I mean, it’s a miracle that people  consider the dental floss tank tops and the daisy duke shorts actual clothing.

So, this post is dedicated to all those people who view this stripper parade into the school or those who have friends and you want to send them a not-so-subtle hint that moms should wear clothes in public, and especially to school with their children.

Now, you can tell who the working moms are because they come uniforms or business casual clothing.  I have no beef with you.

It’s the other moms.  Maybe they got up late and decided to drive their kids to school in their PJ’s, which is also a no-no.  It’s just as bad to wear PJ’s in the courtyard of your child’s school as it is to wear almost nothing at all.

Whether is be a PTA meeting, Parent-teacher conference or a meeting with the principal…not to mention the daily pick up and drop off where you actually get out of the car, keep these simple style rules of etiquette in mind.

Please, don't embarrass your kids with a hoochie mama look.

  1. Are You A Stripper?  If So, Buy (and Wear) Some Regular Clothes: Not to take a dig a strippers and the club wear they wear so well, but you must know that it is totally inappropriate to wear club gear around your children, their classmates and teachers.  What type of message do you want to send to your child’s teacher?  If it’s a sexy one, you must know that school is not the forum to display this.
  2. Clear Stilettos, Mom? Stilettos have their rightful place but it’s not walking your child into school.  It really just isn’t.  I know that there will be some ladies that think I’m being too conservative with this statement, but the point I am making is that your child’s school just isn’t the forum for this style.
  3. Who Wants Attention In Them Short-Shorts?: Even though this picture isnt at the kids school, this overtly sexual outfit worn by Shauna Sand while being with her daughter is a pure example of why your sexuality means nothing to your children.  Display your hoochie look without the kids around, if you like, but be a parent when they are around.  Even though it may not be true, this photo says that Shauna cares more about looking hoochie hottie than she does about her child.  This is not a feminine example of good etiquette and class for any child to see.  Shauna may be a loving mother, but her clothes say I am a sex object.
  4. Cleavage By Example: If you are taking your child to school or talking to the principal, put the “girls” inside your shirt or at least wear a shirt.
  5. Sweat Pants Queen:  We can do better than this.  You may be tired and worn out, but why share this with the world in those baggie sloppy sweats.
  6. Pajama “Annie”:  I call those women I mentioned above Pajama Annie. They don’t mind wearing the two piece PJ sets with the little hearts and froggies out in public for everyone to see.  How tragic is this look?  So very!  Are you too lazy to put on clothes that you didn’t sleep in?
  7. Tone It Down: I am not advocating that you prepare to walk down the runway, but I am suggesting that the school is a great arena for casual clothes.  Jeans, t-shirt ( a clean one without holes, not ones you wore to bed) , hoodies, and a flat or Vans-style sneaker are easy enough to throw on in the morning, even if you are running late in the morning.    If you are meeting with the teacher or principal, try a blouse, sweater set or top with a jacket for a more upscale appearance, even if you still wear the jeans.

What I do talk about in my posts is that people look at you, what you are wearing and how you behave to form an opinion about you.  Their opinion can be true or false.  The problem I have is that people tend to believe that the opinions of others don’t matter.  This is false.  Everyone cares about what others think of them because it affects everything in your life, as well as what people think about you as a parent.  If a parent takes their kid to school looking crummy, and the kid is unruly and distracting to the class, the teachers and staff are going to look at you (the parent) as the one with the real problem.

What you wear says more about you than anything that comes out of your mouth.  So, say it with style and class, not droopin’ jeans and a thong in your ass.

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