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Grammy Awards 2010: The Dresses & The Messes

February 3, 2010

Yes, there will be thousands of other bloggers that will chime in on the Grammy night fashions, but no blog like this.

I’ve decided create simple categories for each style of dress.

The “Whatever…” category:  This is my favorite category as I will pt in those celebrities who wore something that was supposed to be shocking, but only warranted a simple “whatever…”

Ciara: Matrix chic

Katy Perry: Is this a Lady Godiva look?

It is sooo a Miley....Whateverrrrrr!

Nadeea? Wha????

The “Not Again” category:  When a celebrity has been there and done that with their fashion, and it didn’t work the first time, why do they go back???

J.Lo and her winter scarf.

The “At Least It’s A Nice Dress?” category: For those who simply wore a nice dress.  No real fancy, no real frills.

Fergie: Ehhh?

Taylor Swift: Too grown up??

India.Arie: Better!

The “Bridal Gown Chic”:

Wearing white…Why?

Marisa Miller

Carrie Underwood: The bridal gown chic isn't working

Here comes the...Rihanna

The “I Want That Dress” category: When a dress is too awesome for just a celebrity to traipse around in, I want that dress, too.


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