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Seriously’s Self & Style: Don’t Hate Your Hips, Work ‘Em!

February 9, 2010

Beyonce got hips!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and so do our hips.  I thought I would cover this really quickly because in the family of manners and etiquette lives a sibling named Self-esteem.

Women have so many messages when it comes to what is en vogue or flavor of the months that does not add up to what they actually are.  Yeah, the magazines and media tell us to look this way or that, but I sincerely believe that you have to accept where you are in order to grow or change into who you want to be without hurting yourself.

Trust me, I eat healthy and exercise and take my vitamins and I am not comfortable with my weight.  I know that I simple don’t get enough exercize.  I know I have to make more time in my day for it and when I decide to do it I will.  It’s that simple.  I accept it because that’s where I am today and what matters most to me is what I see in the mirror.  If I am happy with it, then the world will be happy that I am happy with it.

Dr. Phil says that we teach the world how to treat us and if you are treating yourself badly, like starving yourself to lose weight or over eating to compensate for something…Whatever it is that we do to ourselves that is harmful, we carry that with us and it is on display.  You may not have to tell people what you are doing to yourself, but people can figure it out and treat you accordingly.  Not Cool.

So, this post is all about loving your hips.  I love my hips.  It took me some time to  get there, but I am there now.  When I wear a nice skirt of great fitting pair of jeans, my hips are right there saying “Look at me!”  So my ladies, take some time to take a look at those door nudging, drawer closing, booty bumping hourglass shaped hips.

Where are your hips?

Your hips are a part of your body that sits below the waist.  It less technical terms, it is usually the widest section of a womans body below the waist, yet above the thigh.

Why are women unhappy with their hips so much?

Honestly, I don’t know.   What I do know is that different feminine physical  features go in and out of style.  We have beautiful bodies that come in all shapes as I said before and I believe that it’s the media that says how we should look or what look is en vogue at any particular time and people tend to buy into it.  I believe that Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Lady GaGa have made the hourglass shape back in style from the glamour days of Hollywood.  This means that women want to look like them more than they have in a while and there is nothing wrong with rockin what you already have.  Remember when full lips became all the rage?  I was right there with a set of natural ones.  That goes to show you how you should just appreciate what you have while you have it.  We have ‘hips’ because we are the child bearers.  Recent studies have shown that larger hips means that woman will have healthier babies, so our hip-a-licious hips serve a maternal, and a fashionable purpose.  Read about that here!

East Coast Vs. West Coast Vs. Southern Hips?

There seems to be a different hip thing going on in different parts of the country.  In the East Coast, particularly NY, the style for women is to be less hippy and curvy that on the West Coast.  In California, what would people do on a beach filled with less hips and curves in bikinis?  Not much.  And for the South, ATL and Miami, what curves and hips can do for you there is just about what they do in Cali.  Rock the hips, ladies.

What about your hips?

If you have hips, I say you should love them.  If you are not so ‘hippy’ and want to enhance your hips with certain styles of clothing if, you can do that, too.  Hips, big or small, give a woman her sway.  They give us the ‘vaaaa’ and the ‘voom’.  It’s not about how much fat you have, it’s about having ‘phat’ in all the right places.

What’s Hip In Fashion?

Everything in moderation.  Clothing included.  You obviously know that I am against the slutty-street look and I advocate having style etiquette when it comes to what you wear.  Anything that you wear that’s too revealing or too tight is declasse, so bring fashionable attention to your hips, not pants or skirts so tight you can’t move your hips to walk.

Not Hip To It?

If you really don’t care to have your hips as your attribute, there are ways to wear clothing that draws attention away from the hip and still have a hottie figure.  View a video here!

Yet, I say, “Thou shall love thy hips!”

I’m not really a fan of this song, but if there was a song that I would say can pump you up about your hips, this is it!



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