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Valentines Day Etiquette: A Crash Course For Her

February 13, 2010

People assume that Valentines day is for lovers.  Nonsense!

Valentines day is for everyone!

As a lady, we should know this.  Don’t limit yourself to loving him, if you  have ‘a him‘, for Valentines Day.  You have friends and family you care about.  Share the love.

At least, share with the closest of your closest friends and family.  Have fun.  Eat chocolate.  Use good manners & etiquette.

  1. Take Time To Love Them All: All of the people you are passionate about should feel the love.  Take Valentines Day and turn it into an opportunity to show them you love them.  Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Kids, Nieces & Nephews.  Yeah, Christmas has just passed, but can you ever say ‘I love you” enough?  This is also perfect if you are single or just beginning to date.
  2. Cards, cards, cards- Be Playful: The little kiddie Valentines Day cards are fun to give if you work with a great group of people with a sense of humor.  It’s Valentines Day.  Play with it.
  3. Guy Friendly Valentine Gifts:  If you do have a signifigant him (husbandry included) I thought of some nice, off-the-cuff set of gifts listed a-d below.
  4. a.)  Gift Card: Yeah, if you know what store he like to shop at, keep it simple, grab a gift card.  If you don’t know where he likes to shop, an card works wonders.
  5. b.) Valentines Day Card/Gift With Humor: If your guy has a sense of humor, stroke that funny bone with a funny Valentines Day Card or gift for your funny valentine.
  6. c.)Keep It Simple-Take Requests: If you are like me and you have a creative personality, you may not want to give the standard Valentines Day gift.  So, if you are really having a difficult time figuring out what to do for Valentines Day, just ask him what he wants and give it to him.  (Within reasonable bounds, of course.)
  7. d.) Send Something You Know He Wants: If you know your guy wants something for valentines dy that seems utterly ridiculous, get it for him.  It’s a day to put aside someone you personal opinions on things that he has around the house.  So, if he really wants a set of Legos or a movie of his favourite superhero, have it sent to him.  (Within reasonable bounds, of course.)
  8. Set Constructive Criticism Aside: For one 24 hr period, put constructive criticism aside for any one on your Valentines Day list.  Some people also call it being a nag.
  9. Get Pretty, Smell Pretty: If you are going out with your guy or just having a Valentines Day night out with the family, dress nicely.  Put away the comfy sweats and put on a stylish outfit.  Get out the perfume and lovely lipstick.  Dump the hair scarf with curlers and do an up-do.  It’s Valentines Day.  A fun reason to get pretty, anyway.  Even if it’s for yourself.  Show yourself some love.
  10. Receive Gifts Graciously: I don’t have a problem with people re-gifting certain gifts, but if you receive a Valentines Day gift from a special loved one, you should graciously thank them, cherish it and keep it.  It’s really from the heart.

Click here for Valentines Day Etiquette: A Crash Course For Him

Happy Valentines Day Ladies!



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