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Valentines Day Etiquette: A Crash Course For Him

February 13, 2010

Hey guys.

I would think you have this section of life pretty much covered.  I mean, what guy doesn’t know how to make a girls Valentines day memorable.  You’ve been working t making Valentines Day special since you met little Tina Thompson in the second grade.  It didn’t matter that she had one tooth missing.  You heart went pitter-patter when you saved that special Valentines Day card for her and made a sneaky effort to leave it on her school desk.  You watched from afar as she opened the card and smiled.

Click here for the Valentines Day Etiquette: A Crash Course For HER

But, of course you didn’t leave you name on the card.  And to this day she didn’t know it was you who was in love with her.

Well, guys.  Put that bashful stuff away and let loose.  Don’t be afraid of the ladies.

Here are some fun and dashing etiquette tips to leave the ladies in your life with visions of you being the Prince Charming on a steed (or in a car) that you and I secretly know you are.

  1. All The Single Guys: I said this to the ladies, as well.  If you are celebrating Valentines Day without a squeeze, you can still enjoy the day by celebrating with the loved ones you do have.  Sitting around feeling bad is not good for anyone.  Enjoy and spend time with the people (or pets) you love.
  2. Got A Squeeze?: If you happen to have a main squeeze, you’ll more than likely want to spend the day with her.  Go with your own flow.  You can remain true to yourself and your personality and still have a fun Valentines Day.  Make it just as fun for you as it will be for her.  Give a good effort in the planning area.
  3. What A Girl Wants?:  Are you concerned about what the lady in your life will want?  You can always stick with the classics.  Roses, jewelry, card…lingerie (Ahem).  Or you can opt for creating a unique experience with her.  Cook a meal, take her on a mini shopping spree…go for a something original.  What can you come up with?  Trust me.  Ladies love a creative man.
  4. Chivalry Rules: Guys, if you’re forgetting to open the doors and take a lady’s coat during the rest of the year, you need to brush up on being chivalrous right now.  You can do that with a previous piece I wrote about chivalry.  Read it here. Here’s a tip, apply them to daily life.  Take a step to treat her like the princess she is, Prince Charming.
  5. Grubby Guys Need Not Apply:  Shave it.  Clean it. Cut it. Style it.  I am talking about that grubby hair and beard or goatee.  Also, your clothing for that matter.  Take some time to look nice and smell nice for your Valentine even if you are spending time at home.  Girls love that.  I know I do.  (Don’t forget the breath mint!)
  6. Valentines Day Extras:  Do something for your lady that you would probably think is ordinary and dumb, but to a lady, it would mean the world.  These could be the ‘Cherry on the top’ items to an already delicious Valentines Day .  Maybe clearing the table and doing the dishes or vacuuming the floor.  Brushing her hair.  Doing the laundry.  Washing HER car.  Putting the toilet seat down.  Do a little extra today.  She’ll notice, especially if you keep it up.
  7. Go Classy With The Classics:  If you are going to stick to the classic standards of jewelry, roses, and chocolate.  Give her the best.  Actually, give her better than the best.  Handcrafted jewelry from a jewelry artisan.  Locally grown roses or flowers.   My favorite is Cacao–  Which is a rich, dark chocolate.  This is so good it’s even hard to describe how good it is.  Less percentage of cacao means the less of a bitter chocolate it will be.  I like bitter chocolate so I prefer 100% Cacao!   
  8. Do Guys Buy Dinner?:  On Valentines Day, they guy should pay, but there are exceptions and those exceptions are that you could go dutch or the lady could pay.  There are special circumstances.  First, if you set up the date then you are responsible for paying.. This is an anytime rule of thumb.  If she set up the dinner date, she is actually responsible for paying, but it is a more than chivalrous act to pay on  ANY Valentines Day date.  Dining etiquette tips here.
  9. Love Your Creative Lady:  You may have a date that resembles more of a scavenger hunt than a Valentines Day date.  It doesn’t matter.  Whatever she gives, show your sincere appreciation.  Even if the gift is a little off your beaten path.
  10. Alpha Male Paradise:  Let that shining mans-man and sexy ladies man come out.  If you love your lady the way you tell the world you do, make sure she knows she is the belle of the ball.  She is your princess.  Take care of her and make sure she feels comfortable and loved.  Be a dapper and charming gentleman like James Bond.  He always had the ladies swoon.  He got the women with his sense of class and high style.  He didn’t even break a sweat.  Oh, James.

 Yours truly,


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