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Prince William & Kate: A Royal Engagement Ring Curse?

November 19, 2010

I guess the world is going to run out of sapphire stones since  Kate Middleton and Prince William became engaged.  The engagement ring is quite unconventional, which is part of its mass appeal.   The engagement ring seen around the world is a £300,000 ($450,000 US) classically simple Garrard white-gold ring with 12-carat Ceylon sapphire with a 14 round cut diamond halo.

Amidst the speculation and their “on-again, off-again” romance, it looks like she is the one that will rock the throne.

Can you imagine the knock off rings that will be selling like hotcakes? 

What’s that all about?  I actually wanted a ring like that but not now since everyone and their grandma will be out to get one.

Besides, would you really want to show up to an event donning the same ring as everyone else in the room?   Embrace individuality. 

Not to mention, the seriously superstitious are up in arms about the ring.  On their side of the fence, forget individuality; they worry that there is a curse on the hand-me-down ring engagement ring.  Was it bad juju for Prince William to give Kate Middleton the ring of his mother, Princess Diana, to his fiancé?

Even if you don’t believe that jewelry can be cursed, I’ve heard an old wives’ tale that claims engagement rings are supposed to carry the energy of the marriage from whence they came. Meaning: it is bad luck to inherit a ring from an unhappy marriage.   So, essentially, Kate is wearing the ring of a troubled princess who had a very bad marriage, not to mention a tragic end.  Via Cnn

I think any girl would love to be given an heirloom ring when they are proposed to. 

In the etiquette arena, it’s quite alright, under normal circumstances.  I don’t know if the ring is cursed.  I’m semi-superstitious about it.  Maybe I’ve watched too many mystery movies of the week.


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