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Caught Looking Trashy: 3 Tacky Celebs & The Fashions That Wore Them

November 21, 2010

These shoes were featured in a earlier post.  I mean, they may be funny as a sight gag, but to wear them in public…with money in them cheapens the person wearing them.  I can’t imagine ANYONE would really think these shoes are fashionable.  The shoes are hideous.  Lap dance not included.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen(via)What's in your shoe? Only $1?

Taylor Momsen already looks like last night’s cold pizza warmed over, so the sight of her in lingerie, stockings and stripper heels is fitting for looking like such a mess.  Notice the money in the shoe?  She should hit the salon with it.

Katie Price Silver Jumper

Katie Price

Here’s loveable Katie Price as Captain WTF in her silver satellite get-up.  Topple on over so I can get better cable reception, Katie.

Are there really any words to explain this Tila Tequila mess- of a mess- of a leather mess?

Tila Tequila

Yeah, Tila and Katie.  We know they’re fake, honey!  Silicone floats and seems to defy gravity, but your style seems to defy reason.


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