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Give Him A Man-Gagement Ring: The Engagement Rings For Guys

November 21, 2010

They may not be fancy, but there is a new movement in our culture.  The movement is to bring the guys in on some of the traditions that are usually celebrated only by women. 

Women, especially in Western culture, traditionally receive an engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment and relationship to their fiancé, which usually results in a wedding.  Yes, I said, “usually results in a wedding”.

So what does a man-gagement ring symbolize?  Much of the same;  yet man-gagement rings are typically similar to a mens wedding band, which is usually a lot less showy than an engagement ring with a giant diamond or gem center stone.

Seriously McMillan

The Tioro Magagement Ring

The Tioro ring is a titanium band with a small diamond, priced at £79.99 ($140 US)—a far cry from the blinged-out engagement rings that don the ring fingers of well-heeled women worldwide. (Via)

A Fun Engagement Twist

This could put a fun twist into a couple’s engagement.  In my experience, popping the question usually comes as a surprise.  Guys like to surprise the woman of the their dreams with a stunning engagement ring on bended knee. So, this would present an issue for the gal who wants the chance to present a ring to the guy of her dreams.

He’s Proposed:  Your Turn?

I’m certainly not suggesting that you propose to your guy.  I mean, he’s already proposed, so you’re already engaged. 

My suggestion: If you really want to give your guy a man-gagement ring,  plan a nice dinner after he’s proposed to you.  Surprise him with his man-gagement ring and just fall in love all over again.  He will surely be as surprised, if not more shocked, as you were when he proposed to you.  Not only have you truly claimed your guy, but it will surely keep all the single ladies away.  Beyonce’s song literally tells a guy to, “Put a ring on it”.  Now, you can put a ring on him, too.

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