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Roses For Valentine’s Day: The Hidden Meanings Of Their Colors

February 7, 2011

Although we may not always be aware of the meaning behind the colors of roses we give as gifts, be aware that every rose of every color does have its very own special meaning.

There are many meanings of the colors of roses you may give to someone, but after doing the research, the colors of roses listed below seem to have just about the same meanings no matter where you look.

I thought this would be a perfect time to shine some light on this floral topic.  With Valentine’s Day right here, are you going to give roses to your valentine?   If you are giving roses to your favorite guy or gal for Valentine’s Day, why not give them a unique varied bouquet of roses.  Give roses that carry the meaning of all the feelings you have for your loved one (or ones).

Classic Red Roses

There are no rules broken in giving a classic red or deep red rose.  Red roses are the most popular of the Valentine’s Day roses.  You’ll recognize this by their skyrocketing prices during the latter part of January and early February.   The deep red rose represents an unspoken beauty of love.  The deep red rose leave nothing to the imagination, yet speaks volumes without saying a word.  Deep red roses are heart-warming and bold.  You should know that if you are receive one or a bouquet of tender deep red roses, the one who gives them may not be able to put into words all the feelings they wish to express.  Hence, deep secrets receive via the deep red rose.

 The red rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, “I love you very deeply”.  Bright red roses are the greatest expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly.   

Pink and Blush Roses

The innocent blush on the cheek of a special loved one would match the perfect pink rose bouquet.   Thinking of giving pink roses?  Pink roses are kissed with notes of grace and admiration for the recipient.  This is a perfect rose to give to someone you have loved from afar, but have yet to show your true feelings.  Think fresh.  Think new.  Think spring.  Think pink.

A pink rose is subtle, yet alluring.  Soft, yet joyful.  A pink rose sings  its own  song of a blossoming romance to come and an announcement of awakening affection.

Lavender Roses

A lavender rose is original in color.  The intention and rationale behind giving a lavender rose is to show a long-standing love and deep appreciation for the recipient.  It also shows the forethought and imaginative nature of the one giving the lavender bouquet.  The lavender rose is great to give to the one who may think you have forgotten them.  A bouquet of lavender roses is a perfectly romantic way to say that you didn’t forget them and that you will love them, come what may, forever.

Orange Roses

You thought your heart was on fire with the red rose?  Try an orange rose.  As fire and flame are hot, so is this little sassy number.  The orange rose is well-known for being the rose of desire and passionate energy.  So, if loving someone is just the tip of the iceberg, melt that ice with a flaming orange rose, baby.   Orange roses can be as bright orange as the fruit or subtle shades of peachy-orange blend.  No matter the shade, these roses are stunning.

Yellow Roses

Although unconventional, yellow roses make a statement when giving them to someone you love.  The yellow rose is commonly given as a bright, springy pop of color to a friend or a g-i-r-l friend.  If ther’s nothing going on in the romance department, but there is a connection that is deeper than just being simple acquaintances.  Yellow roses are great to give to family members who you love as well, but of course, not on a romantic level.

White Rose

There is a simple elegance to the classic white rose.  In stark contract to the red rose, the white rose and the red rose share similar meanings.  Yet, it is the white rose that takes on the more subtle approach to speaking volumes without saying a word.  Think of a white rose as a new beginning to a great romance.  Not only does it say, “I love you”… It also asks, “Will you love me, too?”


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