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Sony Pictures: Obama likes Django?

December 12, 2014

Didn’t we already know that there is a divide in Hollywood regarding black actors and their films and white actors and their films?

We already know that there was a lack of respect for black films that either are for entertainment or are telling a historical event.

Sony Pictures execs has made it very clear their top people feel that race is a race issue.

I mean, I watch white actors in films that are not geared toward my demographic and I watch black films that probably are geared to my demographic, but in my eyes I don’t really see the difference.

I pay way more attention to the story than I would to the fact that the people are either black or white acting in the film.

This week has been very interesting because of the leaks of emails that have made it public knowledge of the…. Well,  I wouldn’t say insensitive, but I would say typical behavior of white people….and not all white people, mind you, but those in power who you know feel that black films are “less than”.

Those “stereotypical whites” would make these kind of remarks. This week Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin had some internal emails leaked to the public and although it was an em-bare-ass-ment,  Rudin is now backpedaling regarding the emails with an attempt to apologize.  Pfffft, please Scott.  Stop it now because I’m laughing so hard my side hurts.

I do think it’s too late and obviously we are seeing what these people really feel and it is not the truth that hurts it…it doesn’t hurt me reading about asking President Obama if he liked Django or Pascal asking Rudin if she should ask President Obama saw The Butler or Think Like a Man and Scott Rudin replying with [asking Obama if he likes] Ride Along (the movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube) also saying that he bets that Obama likes Kevin Hart.

I believe they are typical of many white Americans about blacks. White people not realizing that black people are educated or that black people are accomplished in society or that black people contribute to society on a large scale, and to have these people to make any sort of comment about President Obama, you know, I don’t find any offense to it.

What I do find offensive is why didn’t Pascal and Scott Rudin want to ask if Obama may have liked Spiderman or another one of many Pascal’s films that were made during her time at the Sony Pictures studio.  What about Casino Royale?  We know James Bond very popular– why didn’t she want to ask if Obama likes James Bond instead of assuming President Obama only watches Black Entertainment type films and not enjoy other types of flms.

Again, I am NOT offended at the fact that they mention these black films with black actors, I am offended that they didn’t include films with white actors.

It is not me who reminds me every day that I’m black, it’s everybody else reminding me that I’m black and whatever that means to them, because to me it means I am who I am.

When you have people like Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin who need the the “black dollar” for their films, it makes me second guess even supporting their endeavors.

Being a film aficionado myself, it’s very sad when you make these distinctions between black audience of white audiences when usually black audiences, at least the people that I know, don’t make these distinctions among themselves.  I don’t do it among my friends.

As I say that, I’m going to go out and go watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

As for Pascal,  Rudin and the many others–Closed minds think alike.

till next time

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