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MLK Day: More Than Just a 3 Day Weekend

January 19, 2015

Do people just consider MLK day another day of the weekend that you dont have school or work?

It would sadden me if this the case in our cultural reality because the works of Dr. Martin Luther King are invaluable.

The sacrifices of Black people during the Civil Rights movement are innumerable and the luxuries in society, albeit not equal to whites, are far more available to my generation and beyond than those who came before me.

How do you thank those who suffered having rocks pelt them til they bled or having attack dogs chew on their limbs or having water hoses blast them with such a force that it would keep them at bay?

How do you thank a generation of people that stood together until life got a little better for people of color?

Well, you can start today.  Just reflecting and remembring that the American Civil Rights movement was a sacrifice for all people given by Blacks.

If you don’t realize that there are benefits that you experience, no matter your skin color, because of their sacrifices, then I would invite you to take a few moments to use your favorite search engine and gain the knowledge you lack.

I am thankful for my ancestors who stood strong on the face of oppression and survived.  I hope that one day my grandchildren will know that the sarifices to make their generation a more civilized and progressive generation are being made today.

Enjoy your MLK Day and remember those who gave their lives for you to have it.

Til Next Time

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