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Another Shooting of an Unarmed Black Man

April 8, 2015

As I write, I am sick to my stomach.  I debated whether I would watch the video of the murder of Mr. Walter Scott, who was shot and fatally wounded by a police officer who stopped him because he had a broken tail light.

How does this minor traffic infraction turn into murder?  Quite simply, most people, other than Black people are shocked.  As for me, I simply pray that my brother and my son will never become victims of this most disgusting behavior.  I am angry, but I am not as angry at this latest incident as I am with the culture behind it.  That being said, I believe there is not enough being done by people of color to stand up against this tyrranical society of police brutally killing Blacks (and other of color) for “crimes” that most non-Blacks or people of color have and continue to be given a pass for.

Does anyone remember the Civil Rights movement?  This is not some historical reminder film about Selma, this is reality.  This is our 2015 reality.  This will not stop until serious action is taken and laws are changed for the benefit of all.

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