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U.S. Election 2016: Why I Voted for Zuul from Ghostbusters

November 11, 2016

I want to start on a positive note.  I was warm outside today.

In other news, one of Bill Murray’s funniest lines from #Ghostbusters (ahem, the one and only) became a reality today and in some layer of alternate universe, Zuul is the new leader of the masses.  Honestly I would prefer to have Zuul for President of the U.S.- elect 2016 since I believe the campaign rhetoric of would have been palatable and on track.

I have never experienced a mass hysteria or dogs and cats living together- although pet owners have been forcing civility on their pet cats and dogs for some time.  Not that I blame you, but you can see the signs.

The mass hysteria is here and it is here to stay and for good reason.  The people on the ground have no idea what is going on with those fighting  “in the corner penthouse of spook central.”

I understand the fear is real.  I understand the tears from my friends and peers because with all kidding aside (for now), an alternate reality looks great to many people now.   I am surprised that the faces of many in the news look a bit puffed and red from crying.

What to do now?  Mostly, we move forward day by day.  Many live in fear that is now amplified.  We elected a man who brags about abusing women, who bankrupts his business and who is really talks out of his ass like a teen guy trying to convince a teen girl that he doesn’t need to use a condom because he was going to take care of everything when he has no clue about the realities of reality…and those are my issues with him.

What can we do now?  Is the helpless feeling in the pit of many stomachs real?  The feeling is as really as a hunger pang.

The country was hungry, but not everyone wanted the same main course.  Some people elected a man the temperament equivalent of a eggs bursting open and frying on a countertop in Dana Barron’s apartment others wanted to feast on their familiar meal they have not had in about 20 years.

Now, I was not a fan of the alternative presidential candidate, but when you are electing a president, a resume matters and the female candidate of 2016 at least had an idea of what to do.  Being a president is not a job where “on the job training available” should be listed in the in the job listing.

The country is hurting, but why?  We are supposed to be the most resilient people on the planet.  People wailed and protested and will be depressed for the next four years.  This checkerboard of our country is resentful and disjointed.  Honestly, I don’t know that it can be –or should be–forcibly healed.  For many there will be no solace and 11/7/16 was the last day of life as we know it.



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