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Sony Pictures: Obama likes Django?

December 12, 2014

Didn’t we already know that there is a divide in Hollywood regarding black actors and their films and white actors and their films?

We already know that there was a lack of respect for black films that either are for entertainment or are telling a historical event.

Sony Pictures execs has made it very clear their top people feel that race is a race issue.

I mean, I watch white actors in films that are not geared toward my demographic and I watch black films that probably are geared to my demographic, but in my eyes I don’t really see the difference.

I pay way more attention to the story than I would to the fact that the people are either black or white acting in the film.

This week has been very interesting because of the leaks of emails that have made it public knowledge of the…. Well,  I wouldn’t say insensitive, but I would say typical behavior of white people….and not all white people, mind you, but those in power who you know feel that black films are “less than”.

Those “stereotypical whites” would make these kind of remarks. This week Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin had some internal emails leaked to the public and although it was an em-bare-ass-ment,  Rudin is now backpedaling regarding the emails with an attempt to apologize.  Pfffft, please Scott.  Stop it now because I’m laughing so hard my side hurts.

I do think it’s too late and obviously we are seeing what these people really feel and it is not the truth that hurts it…it doesn’t hurt me reading about asking President Obama if he liked Django or Pascal asking Rudin if she should ask President Obama saw The Butler or Think Like a Man and Scott Rudin replying with [asking Obama if he likes] Ride Along (the movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube) also saying that he bets that Obama likes Kevin Hart.

I believe they are typical of many white Americans about blacks. White people not realizing that black people are educated or that black people are accomplished in society or that black people contribute to society on a large scale, and to have these people to make any sort of comment about President Obama, you know, I don’t find any offense to it.

What I do find offensive is why didn’t Pascal and Scott Rudin want to ask if Obama may have liked Spiderman or another one of many Pascal’s films that were made during her time at the Sony Pictures studio.  What about Casino Royale?  We know James Bond very popular– why didn’t she want to ask if Obama likes James Bond instead of assuming President Obama only watches Black Entertainment type films and not enjoy other types of flms.

Again, I am NOT offended at the fact that they mention these black films with black actors, I am offended that they didn’t include films with white actors.

It is not me who reminds me every day that I’m black, it’s everybody else reminding me that I’m black and whatever that means to them, because to me it means I am who I am.

When you have people like Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin who need the the “black dollar” for their films, it makes me second guess even supporting their endeavors.

Being a film aficionado myself, it’s very sad when you make these distinctions between black audience of white audiences when usually black audiences, at least the people that I know, don’t make these distinctions among themselves.  I don’t do it among my friends.

As I say that, I’m going to go out and go watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

As for Pascal,  Rudin and the many others–Closed minds think alike.

till next time

Marc Anthony: Yo Daddy Says “You’re Ugly!”

May 28, 2014

Marc Anthony: Yo Daddy Says “You’re Ugly!”

You know, sometimes it’s OKAY to be honest with your children. Like, when you tell them there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, but telling your kid they are ugly…?  Ehhhhh?

Yet, international celebrity ex-Mr. J-LO and singer and actor (?), Marc Anthony’s dad theru all tact to the wind and told his boy he was Uh…Uh…Ugly!

I mean, everyone has a unique look and ugly is in the eye of the beholder, right?

His dad said, “Son, I’m ugly and you’re ugly—work on your personality.”

Well, there is some sound advice, right? At least the end of the quote. Everyone can work on their personality, right? I’m looking for the bright side of this whole father-son connection.

Anthony told Men’s Fitness. I swear to God. I told him a couple of months ago, I said, ‘Dad, you remember telling me that when I was little?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll tell you that shit today, too!’ I think it served me well. I think confidence is a powerful thing.”


Confidence, personality…I guess Marc really worked on those since he has been married to and recently dating some of the most lovely ladies in the Latin community.

I still can’t imagine someone calling their child ugly…and by who’s standards?  Shallow Hal?

It’s great that he has become successful but I won’t how much MORE confident he would have had a parent just love him for what he looked like and called him handsome.  That also makes me wonder if Marc may say something like that to his kids when they are older.  In my opinion, it’s an unkind thing to cay to your child but he took those lemons and limes and made a Margarita!

For me, Marc Anthony lost  me as a fan him AND IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF HIS LOOKS….It was because I hated the character he played in the movie The Substitute (1995) with Tom Berringer. He’s played a ruthless gangster and I never gave him a chance after that.  Call that perfect casting!

Finally Marc says: “You know what it is? I think it’s confidence,” Anthony said. “I do not lack confidence. I’ve been able to do what I do for many years and I think I’m good at it. And that confidence and just being a good person overall, I don’t rely on my looks to stand out. It’s all in the details.”





Here’s some “ugly” for the cover Men’s Fitness. I really don’t see what’s so fit about him. Thin, yes. Bangin’ body? Where it at????




Dear Sherri Shepard: My 3 Rules Before Getting Married…Again

May 21, 2014

Oh Sherri!

I am just mortified at what I am reading and seeing about the men in your life.  They are cray-cray.

I am speaking to you from experience so I am not in judgement.  Except for the fact that you are playing with “big dollars”, I come to you as a soul sister just sharing some peer-to-peer insight.  I admire you for all of your business and artistic ventures and successes.  You have done all that without a man in your life.  I know that you want to share your exciting times with someone special, don’t we all, but there are times where that someone special may not be as special as we think.

Now, I know that my second ex-, let’s refer to him as Mr. B…well, Mr. B comes to my blog ever so often just to see what I am writing about.  I want to say, on the record, that Mr. B and I still get along.  We don’t spar much and we are moving forward in our lives, just separately.  He has been cordial and I thank him for his civility.

It’s my first ex that is Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde.  In fact, I do wish that he and Han Solo could have traded places in that freezer gas thing from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  My first ex deserves it.  Let’s call it him…The Thing.


Photo Source

Yes, my first ex is The Thing.

Now, I am sure Sherri can relate, but sadly, she has two things!


Another Marriage, Sherri?

Well, I don’t know if Sherri is even thinking about getting married again while she is going through this mess with this ne’re-do-well, who wants full custody of a child that isn’t even born yet.  (Pull-eeezzzee!)

But, if she finds this post sometime down the road after she has recovered from the heartache and has a new love in her life—Sherri, just roll these three quick thoughts around in your head– Just as I will IF I decide to be thrice a bride.



My 3 Rules Before Getting Married…Again

1.  How ever you feel about him, prepare to fight him (not physically, but intellectually), because you never know anyone until you have to fight them:  Is he a dirty fighter that would throw sand in your eyes to blind you or the kind that would bow before a Judo match and play fair?  See, we are blind sighted by love and feeling all mushy and gushy about our main squeeze (men do this over women, too).  You probably could never imagine fighting him or wanting to hurt him.  Well, sister, we’ve both made that mistake in the past and now it’s time to face the real-real.  A prenuptial agreement is a great way to begin to start to prepare to fight, but its not enough. YOUR FOCUS HAS TO ALWAYS BE ON YOU!  How will you win?  Emotionally? Legally?…but especially emotionally.  Because “serial monogamists” tend to repeat the same behaviors expecting different outcomes and its a debilitating kind of emotional roller coaster, whether you ended the relationship or not.  Just prepare, as you would for an earthquake, or any other disaster.

Read more…

Solange Vs Jay-z: Solange was wrong for that…or was she?

May 20, 2014

Yes, I’m a little late chiming in on this one since I am just getting back into the groove of this blog…my baby…but this story has not lost momentum.


Well, this story hasn’t died because everyone wants to know what prompted sweet Solange to go GlAmAZoN on her brother-in-law, Jay-Z.

Somehow, the “Perfect Fishbowl Life” that Beyonce and Jay-Z put out there in the media has finally shown a crack in that glass…and you know what happens to an aquarium when the glass breaks…


Photo Source

And we all know that no ones family is perfect….

What I will say is that I am on #TeamSolange and while I don’t condone violence and I am not a body language expert, what I see and feel in my gut is pretty close to what Wendy Williams said on her show.

1. Solange was NOT drunk.

2. Solange was pissed about something and was at the end of her rope.  Let’s call it as it was- An ass beating of passion!  She clearly had not planned this or wasn’t thinking of any consequences while her adrenaline was high…right along with that leg and right bitch smackin’ hand.

3. Beyonce did not step in to defend Jay-Z.  I don’t know any woman who would’nt step in to either calm her sister down or defend her lovey-dovey husband.  In other words, she was on #TeamBeyonce.  Right?

Apparently, I am not the only one that thought Wendy had a clue. says: Wendy Williams is America’s best Solange/Jay Z commentator

We may never get all the facts and that’s ok.  What we did learn…or learn to remember is that people are people and people are not perfect.  Maybe this will spark someone who is upset with someone in their family to do the opposite of what Solange did, like pick up the olive branch instead of their hard case clutch.  Hit them with kindness.

#Bring Back Our Girls

May 11, 2014

There are reasons why this post is necessary. Although, I am African American (Not African), I stand in solidarity with our First Lady, Michelle Obama, on the hopes, wishes and prayers for these young Nigerian women and their return.

Now, I could go on about the group that claimed responsibility for kidnapping them from their school but I don’t want to even post the name of the group. They are without a doubt a group of evil demonic monsters from the belly of hell and to their place of origin I hope they swiftly return!






Meany Japan Jokes Quack Gilbert Gottfried Right Out Of A Job

March 16, 2011

Meany Japan Jokes Quack Gilbert Gottfried Right Out Of A Job

Oh, yes.  I, Seriously McMillan and been hella busy, but this caught my eye and I had to take a moment to comment, of course.

Funny man, Gilbert Gottfried, who has been the iconic quack behind the Aflac duck, has been relieved of duty after tasteless jokes were tweeted.  Well, some call the jokes tasteless. Aflac certainly didn’t think much of the jokes.  I thought the jokes were along the lines of your basic “Yo mama so fat” jokes, but, the timing for them was totally off.  Right now is certainly not the time.  Making jokes at the expense of thousands of lives during such a traumatic time is not the way to go.  

I know that Gilbert’s humor is off-beat, to say the least, as well as, off-color at times, but there are times when sensitive subjects and issues should not be available for public consumption.  Maybe his friends and family know his style and sense of humor and wouldn’t subject him to such scrutiny.  I don’t think he thought of that before he looked like a twit for the jokes he tweeted.

The Aflac duck voice will no longer be a gig for famed comedian Gilbert Gottfried. The Aflac insurance company has fired the spokesman for making jokes via Twitter about the recent natural disaster in Japan.

The comedian lends his distinctive voice to a duck character in Aflac’s commercials.

During the weekend, he tweeted: “Japan is really advanced; they don’t go to the beach, the beach comes to them.” And, “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, there’ll be another one floating by any minute now.”

Thousands of people have been reported dead in Japan following an earthquake and tsunami last week.


Roses For Valentine’s Day: The Hidden Meanings Of Their Colors

February 7, 2011

Although we may not always be aware of the meaning behind the colors of roses we give as gifts, be aware that every rose of every color does have its very own special meaning.

There are many meanings of the colors of roses you may give to someone, but after doing the research, the colors of roses listed below seem to have just about the same meanings no matter where you look.

I thought this would be a perfect time to shine some light on this floral topic.  With Valentine’s Day right here, are you going to give roses to your valentine?   If you are giving roses to your favorite guy or gal for Valentine’s Day, why not give them a unique varied bouquet of roses.  Give roses that carry the meaning of all the feelings you have for your loved one (or ones).

Classic Red Roses

There are no rules broken in giving a classic red or deep red rose.  Red roses are the most popular of the Valentine’s Day roses.  You’ll recognize this by their skyrocketing prices during the latter part of January and early February.   The deep red rose represents an unspoken beauty of love.  The deep red rose leave nothing to the imagination, yet speaks volumes without saying a word.  Deep red roses are heart-warming and bold.  You should know that if you are receive one or a bouquet of tender deep red roses, the one who gives them may not be able to put into words all the feelings they wish to express.  Hence, deep secrets receive via the deep red rose.

 The red rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, “I love you very deeply”.  Bright red roses are the greatest expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly.   

Pink and Blush Roses

The innocent blush on the cheek of a special loved one would match the perfect pink rose bouquet.   Thinking of giving pink roses?  Pink roses are kissed with notes of grace and admiration for the recipient.  This is a perfect rose to give to someone you have loved from afar, but have yet to show your true feelings.  Think fresh.  Think new.  Think spring.  Think pink.

A pink rose is subtle, yet alluring.  Soft, yet joyful.  A pink rose sings  its own  song of a blossoming romance to come and an announcement of awakening affection.

Lavender Roses

A lavender rose is original in color.  The intention and rationale behind giving a lavender rose is to show a long-standing love and deep appreciation for the recipient.  It also shows the forethought and imaginative nature of the one giving the lavender bouquet.  The lavender rose is great to give to the one who may think you have forgotten them.  A bouquet of lavender roses is a perfectly romantic way to say that you didn’t forget them and that you will love them, come what may, forever.

Orange Roses

You thought your heart was on fire with the red rose?  Try an orange rose.  As fire and flame are hot, so is this little sassy number.  The orange rose is well-known for being the rose of desire and passionate energy.  So, if loving someone is just the tip of the iceberg, melt that ice with a flaming orange rose, baby.   Orange roses can be as bright orange as the fruit or subtle shades of peachy-orange blend.  No matter the shade, these roses are stunning.

Yellow Roses

Although unconventional, yellow roses make a statement when giving them to someone you love.  The yellow rose is commonly given as a bright, springy pop of color to a friend or a g-i-r-l friend.  If ther’s nothing going on in the romance department, but there is a connection that is deeper than just being simple acquaintances.  Yellow roses are great to give to family members who you love as well, but of course, not on a romantic level.

White Rose

There is a simple elegance to the classic white rose.  In stark contract to the red rose, the white rose and the red rose share similar meanings.  Yet, it is the white rose that takes on the more subtle approach to speaking volumes without saying a word.  Think of a white rose as a new beginning to a great romance.  Not only does it say, “I love you”… It also asks, “Will you love me, too?”