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She So Ghetto: The Book

If you know girls that looks like this…


Then, You Need To Give Them This!

“I began writing this book when I got fed up with the young women dressing without reservations, talking like stupid asses and being wrapped up into nasty boys and dirty men so much that they don’t even have a life. What’s worse is that I didn’t see anyone doing or saying anything to stop it! So, I opened my big mouth and wrote down the recipe for “reclaiming yourself”!- Seriously McMillan

Being sick of today’s acceptance of slutty behavior, lifestyle and way of dress, Urban Etiquist, Mannerist & Author Seriously McMillan shines with her book,

“Seriously McMillan’s SHE SO GHETTO: What U Need 2 Know 2 Go From Hood Rat-2-Social Butterfly”

Seriously “keeps it real” and opens up a poignant new dialog for young women of all races that will change their outlook on life.

“My goal is to provoke thought and a new understanding of how young women can improve their world. And, I want to do it with as much laughter as possible.” says Seriously

The way Seriously McMillan writes makes you feels like she’s talking to you as your best friend, sitting down eating ice cream and pizza on “Girl’s Night”!

No topic is off limits.

Seriously talks about:

* The Pantie Scam: How sex without commitment is a lost cause.
* Morals: What young women don’t think about when it comes to self respect.
* Being a “Grrl”: How fashion & femininity rarely mix today, but it should.
* Etiquette:“Ghetto Etiquette”- How to behave in public.

Visit Seriously’s blogs:

She So Ghetto: Seriously’s blog about EVERYTHING “wild, weird and wacky”. Ghetto Hoochies, Trashy Chicks, Bad Attitudes, Bad Hair & Clothes…She’s calling you out!

Plus get a FREE Excerpt from her book “She So Ghetto” when you visit the “About Seriously” page.

Get Humor and Entertainment Talk with author Seriously McMillan


“I know many girls that live in the inner city and ‘burbs. The “ghetto” attitude is everywhere.

Most young women I know that live in despair don’t know
how to get out of that “hoochie” mentality.

Now this book is a wonderful new tool to transform you from a girl with “an attitude” to a young woman with “attitude.” It’s about changing your life.

Setting your goals. Overcoming obstacles.

I want to encourage you to start taking you and your life seriously today!

Let’s do this together. You are not alone. “

– Love,

Author Seriously McMillan

Only $14.95

You must email me to purchase the book until it’s re-release on NOVEMBER , 2008

Should you have any problem with checking out after your book purchase, send an email to:

We’ll get the kinks worked out for you!



Seriously’s New Book


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